Video: The Warm Up to The Warm Up (Part 2)

Here’s the second half of our interview wit Roc Nation signee J. Cole. We had alot of fun doing this interview. Hopefully the insight this gives you will let you go out and download The Warm Up and enjoy it more now that you’ve gotten to know J. Cole a little better. In the first clip above (3rd Quarter) Cole talks about recording The Warm Up, Team Dreamville, “Dead Presidents”, Memorable Moments, Ronny Seikaly and more. The game went so good we had to go into overtime. You’ll have to check in tomorrow for that. 4th Quarter after the jump.

Props to PardonMeDuke. Click here to catch Part 1.

Previously: J. Cole – The Warm Up Track List

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5 Responses to “Video: The Warm Up to The Warm Up (Part 2)”

  1. Mr. Hannukah Says:


  2. Carlos Voltron Says:

    Who the fuck gives the ball to Pietrus?

    *Storms off*

  3. 40 Inc Says:

    fuck orlando

  4. From the Polo fleece to the Jesus piece... Says:

    # Carlos Voltron Says:
    June 11th, 2009 at 11:57 pm

    Who the fuck gives the ball to Pietrus?

    *Storms off*
    ^^ are in the fucking finals and that is the best shot you can get?

  5. legiNdary Says:

    damn fam im not hatin but what does it take to get you to notice an up and comer? I interviewed J Cole with more insight than this, your NMC homie Mr X posted it, also illroots did. We touched on everything from twitter to the NBA to Hov, idk. just saying

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