Video: Dallas Penn – Slaughterhouse Listening Session

The hardest rhymers in the game also spit the most hardbody real talk. Crooked I and Joell Ortiz talk about the shit that gets them hyped to go in the booth. Royce keeps his cool.

Cameos abound from Mike Heron, super producer Showbiz and the G.B.O.A.T. eskay

Video above is from when everybody ended up at the bar downstairs. The one after the jump is actually from the session where Royce talks about Charles Hamilton.

Shouts to DP.

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11 Responses to “Video: Dallas Penn – Slaughterhouse Listening Session”

  1. EccentricHeights Says:

    Someone tell me why Joell Looks so angry? lol

  2. mixtapemasta Says:

    WOW!!!! never thought i would be up this early watchin videos at nahright this early.

  3. p0rnoCreeP Says:

    eskay’s a ol damon stoudamire looking ass nigga, who seriously invented pause? whos taking credit for it?

  4. Nah Right » Blog Archive » Video: House Shoes Speaks On Charles Hamilton Says:

    […] Previously: Royce Da 5′9″ Talks About Charles Hamilton […]

  5. PhillyD Says:

    Do they know they’re being taped? Cuz they name droppin goons names….

  6. Fever Says:

    “Internets Internets”…shut the fuck up and let the tape roll

  7. DMK Says:

    Harlem invented Pause/No Homo.. Some projects on the Eastside.. We been sayin it since 2000 but yall just now catchin up on “Pause”.. Speakin of Harlem, Charles need to leave it alone and focus on his music..

  8. C Davis Says:

    Fuck that niggas was saying Pause on Reasonable Doubt ’96 type shit.

    Jay on Can I live pt. 2 ” All my niggas that say pause after they say some fucked up shit”

  9. HOLLA MANN Says:

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  10. Bayan Says:

    i guess that was Slaughterhouse talks listening session, shit lmao

    but yeah the music is good

  11. skeematics NYC Says:

    I agree with Crooked I 1000%.. NY needs to step their bars up….

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