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Naledge – It Is What It Is Pt.1


Here’s a Chicago Picasso throwaway track. Part 2 of it, on the other hand, will appear on the project. Due out June 30th.

Naledge – It Is What It Is Pt.1

Props to OKP

Previously: alpha.live + CMART feat. Naledge – Kelley’s Song

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16 Responses to “Naledge – It Is What It Is Pt.1”

  1. Beezy Says:

    Maino >>>

  2. Geronimo P aka Chase Says:


    Fucking Hilarious new Lebron and Kobe Commercial. This shit is fucking funny

  3. chea Says:

    is jean grae still giving out verses over craigslist for $600

    i might buy one just to do it

    shit it’s cheaper than a pair of yeezys

    i could picture my wife hacking my blackberry only to find out that i’m paying a chick i met on cgairslist $600 for her “services”

    *sees wife approaching with machete*

    *says “la ilaha ill allah” many times in succession*

    *lights out blickas (c) camel*

  4. Nestle Snipes Says:

    Report: Donaghy injured in prison
    Comment Email Print Share
    ESPN.com news services

    Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy was attacked by a fellow inmate during his 15-month sentence in federal prison, the Los Angeles Daily News reported Thursday.

    A source who has maintained regular contact with Donaghy during his imprisonment said Donaghy was attacked in November and suffered significant damage to his knee, the Daily News reported.

    The source said Donaghy could not comment for the Daily News story. He was unsure why Donaghy was assaulted and struck “several times with a paint-rolling stick,” according to the report.

    After repeated visits to the prison’s medical facility, Donaghy underwent an MRI exam that showed a tear of the lateral meniscus, as well as a cyst, the source said, according to the Daily News. The source said Donaghy was denied treatment and told by a doctor that his injury was a “congenital” condition.

    According to the Tampa Tribune, Donaghy will be moved to a Tampa-area halfway house next week. He is still due to be released from government custody on Oct. 24, a prison administrator told ESPN.

    Donaghy, who was convicted of gambling on games, pleaded guilty in a New York federal court in 2007 on charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and transferring betting information through interstate commerce.

    A second source said Donaghy will seek help for his gambling addiction once he’s released, according to the report.

    “In prison, they have treatment for drug addiction and alcohol addiction, but not for gambling,” the second source said, according to the report. “And all they do there is play cards.”

    His brother Jim Donaghy, who was only able to visit his brother once during his sentence, said he believes his brother “could turn this into a positive thing,” according to the Daily News. “I want to stress his remorse, not only to his family but to everybody — young kids, everybody he let down,” he said.

  5. D_block_4_life Says:


  6. Big_seth Says:

    this has to be the most homo pic in the history of Nah posts…


  7. chea Says:

    btw i know a lot of people agree with me on this, but kids in the hall consistently disappoint

    their style is a mish-mash of old yeezy, mediocre new york backpack rap, and bad hipster styles

    they have none of the innovation of the cool kids and other new chi-town artists, and i feel like they’re constantly riding the last wave

    look, anybody from my city who’s trying to get on, i support that – but i have to call a spade a spade. i feel like their career has been very sub par because they’re not willing to make a new lane for themselves and experiment (c) donnie goines’ career


    I didn’t even know Donaghy got jail time

  9. A tribe called quest aka The only Commenter to retype history without a keyboard Says:

    kids in the hall had that one joint with the master ace sample that i liked, everything else have been doodoo


    Chea’s breakdowns of rappers career’s are brutal but truthful

  11. Joe 88 Says:

    this has to be the most homo pic in the history of Nah posts…


    *crab walk dribbles off a cliff with no basketball*

  12. Big_seth Says:


    I agree. I’m sure they are capable MCs, but they seem to lack personality. They seem so contrived &, like you said, like they ride the latest trend.

    I’m unsure if there is anything they could do about it because they both seem to be VERY boring.

  13. Big_seth Says:

    This pic looks a a gay POV porno that I don’t want to be a part of.


  14. rex hussla Says:

    co-sign everyone’s feelings on these Kids in the Hall dudes…

    and every Naledge verse I hear has a lotta of classic quotables, almost too many. He relies on that a lot.

  15. Smear Says:

    New Clipse, must be a good day…
    *is fuckin disappointed at the mass-appeal-seekin-dumb-it-down jawn *
    (and WTF? was that the neptunes? Or just Pharrell blowin himself[ll]?
    hope they at least get some commercial shine for it…but otherwise… I’ll wait for the next one
    *spits, lights ciggie*
    *logs off*

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