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Knoc Turn’al – Sorry I Left You (prod. Komplex)


Off his new street album Knoc’s Ville, which was supposed to be a mixtape but they decided against it considering the effort they put into it and it’s all over new production.

Knoc Turn’al – Sorry I Left You (Produced by Komplex)

Hit the jump for the track list to Knoc’s Ville:

1. Knoc’s Ville ft. One-2 produced by J-Beam & Knoc Turn’al
2. Where Have You Been produced by MG
3. Amen produced by 51-50
4. Mind Yourself produced by Komplex
5. Huntin produced by Knoc Turn’al
6. Half Way Loved You ft. Knawledge produced by Dez
7. Theme Music produced by Blaqthoven
8. Gangsta Lean produced by DJ AK
9. Sorry I Left You produced by Komplex
10. Drop That Lame ft. Jaguar produced by Komplex
11. Can We Do Our Thing produced by Komplex
12. OOOOOWEEE produced by Komplex
13. Let Go produced by MG
14. I’m Back ft. One-2 produced by J-Beam

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6 Responses to “Knoc Turn’al – Sorry I Left You (prod. Komplex)”

  1. Belize Says:

    ooh shyt…this nigga had it poppin for like 2-3 months

  2. Belize Says:



  3. Big_seth Says:

    peace folks

  4. Belize Says:

    *thumbs up*

  5. Theo Says:

    Man where the hell has he been!??!?!?!?!??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  6. LC Says:

    Knocturnal ain’t that good, but hes aight and knows how to spit over a good beat.
    I guess hes on Crooked I’s Treachorous label and that means he gets production from Komplex, who is a largely underrated and is the best west coast producer right now. Other then the doctor of course.
    This shit should be straight.

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