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Freeway – For The Money (prod. Blunt)

Freeway – For The Money (Produced by Blunt)

Props to Mr. X

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2 Responses to “Freeway – For The Money (prod. Blunt)”

  1. Belize Says:

    First things first, watch what you say out your mouth
    when you talkin on the phone to hus-tlers
    Never play the house, think drought, keep heat in the couch
    when you sittin in the presence of cus-tomers
    Never hold out, pull out, throw heat and be out
    if a nigga ever think that he touchin-ya
    Lay low, get cake, whip all over the state
    Stash dough, whip yay with, right amount of bake (hoe!)
    Nigga too close went right around his place (yo!)
    You stoppin dough when we clutchin the gats?
    I know you heard “Friend or Foe,” this ain’t different from that
    Make sure you got your four-four and he can slip if he like
    Young, Jon Benet doin a mission tonight and yo
    until you up stay away from them dice and whores
    Three smuts, two streaks and a dyke
    can pause one-three rumbles two streaks and a pipe for sure
    And if it’s tight, then he might come back for more
    Nine and four, everyday back and forth
    Winter to summer, 1-900-Hustler
    Pass the number til you’re stackin balls
    Tell you how to weigh shit wet and package more
    I take cash or write the check out to F-R
    two E’s, that’ll be two G’s
    And forget my money I’m comin for all your ki’s, nigga

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