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Charles Hamilton – Post-Lynching Ceremony


Charles Hamilton – Post-Lynching Ceremony

Props to RapRadar

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11 Responses to “Charles Hamilton – Post-Lynching Ceremony”

  1. Harlem World Says:


  2. George Says:

    Is it still cool to like Charles Hamilton? Or do we hate him now? O great blogosphere- please tell me what to think!!

  3. Known Unknown Says:

    Production is great. Lyrics are good. You can hate the guy all you want (i mean, honestly, who really cares about what kind of guy you like), but his music, more times than not, has been very listenable.

  4. Mike Says:

    the blog don’t tell you what to think. the actions of an immature, selfish, arrogant, young punk is all you need. if you like somebody who has disrespected the dead what does that say about your character. don’t blame no blog

  5. ACE Says:

    Are you a and idiot … ? For real, why do you even begin to support this fool ! Watch yourself….

  6. DP Says:

    yeah mike right. fuck blogs and fuck what people think. I like hamilton’s music and I always will. I might not like him as a person, but me liking his music doesn’t have to do shit with my character. good music is good music. period.

  7. Known Unknown Says:

    my thoughts exactly DP.

  8. Ja Says:

    disrespected the dead? nah he didnt…too f#ckin sensitive…i said it

    CH is a dope artist

  9. kedordu@gmail.com Says:

    nah actually good music isnt just good music .. i am not fucking with any of r kelly shit anymore . same with CH same with joebudden . rickross doesnt fit into any of those categories .

  10. OffTrackBenny Says:

    all Dilla BS aside, beat was aight, word play and subject matter was sub par. bottom line…CH is “ehh” at best. now lets add the Dilla BS back into the mix and its a straight FUCK CH! game over sonic.

  11. Haterz Says:

    I still like him and his music and would have 2 say fuck house shoes this nigga just mad cuz he dont got nothing poppin right now and wants 2 attack CH cuz he got a CD bout 2 drop and thats weak i feel why hes mad and all but he needs 2 get off that crying shit an just gettin his paper like he swears hes bout Charles is a young dude with talent and ppl just been hating since he started and that foul just cuz hes not on the same thing half these cat are dont mean shit and he came up from nothin but im sayin if ppl could just get over the hate they would prolly feel the flow

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