Video: Wale Interview w/ HardKnockTV Pt. 2

Wale talks about what he is listening to right now, the DC music scene, Mark Ronson and Rhymefest.

Previously: Part 1

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15 Responses to “Video: Wale Interview w/ HardKnockTV Pt. 2”

  1. IwannaToungePunchYourDirt star Says:

    Yoyoyoyo nahggers

  2. baby jesus Says:

    Charles Maximus Biggaveli Wingate the II >>

  3. IwannaToungePunchYourDirtStar Says:

    How bout them yankees yalll

  4. k1ng Says:

    there will always be haters, that’s the way it is…hater niggas marry hater bitches and have hater kids (c) Kanyeezy

  5. whooooooooohannnnnnnnnnnn Says:

    he needs to listen to

    Raw Spillage


    Blaq Poet

    Planet Ubiquity

  6. TheCo!!inB Says:

    where’s chea at? I just heard some of Wasalu’s new shit…….he’s got some joints.

  7. gouchos Says:

    The nigga had The BIGGEST MIXTAPE BUZZ since 50 Cent, that’s non debatable he was literally on every Mixtape and Hood DVD circulating thru the city.

    He had a personality, a dress code, a “swag” that people in NY identified with. People imitated his laugh, his slang, “WAVY” “OWWWWWWWW”, they drunk Grand Cru just cause he rapped about it. That’s what great rappers do, they set trend’s, they write hit record’s… he did all of of this with no Major Label, just thru being Underground a real Underground rapper. Underground mean’s your not mainstream it don’t mean your a fucking geek. His impact was undeniable. Hate Him or Love him, you can’t deny the Kid was Unique, and he brought his lifestyle to life thru his music. That’s what great ARTIST do.

  8. gouchos Says:

    eX wrote a good piece on Max…

  9. IwannaToungePunchYourDirtStar Says:

    Burnett really showed upo tonite goodloks my nigga

  10. Mag Says:

    I feel Trey Songz DOA > Jay’s DOA

    Maybe it’s because I miss late 90’s Kellz Chocolate Factory had me fooled of a come back…

  11. spirit equality Says:

    good interview with wale here

    he’s spitting like a demon over that last part with the rapid fire drum break

    i think his album is gonna pleasantly surprise his detractors

  12. IwannaToungePunchYourDirtStar Says:

    Trey ) kellz unfortunatly

  13. Asparaghost Says:

    still waitin on this mixtape

    *taps foot*

  14. Byron Says:

    FUCK OFF wale. where the fuck is Back to The Feature….? im tired… do not turn into a Saigon please….

  15. RANGE Says:


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