Video: MC Lyte – Brooklyn

Directed by Hostage Musick.

Previously: Charles Hamilton feat. MC Lyte – New York City Girl | MC Lyte – Brooklyn

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13 Responses to “Video: MC Lyte – Brooklyn”

  1. baby jesus Says:

    max b>

  2. whooooooooohannnnnnnnnnnn Says:

    Paper thin!

    Cha CHa Cha

    The hottest Female MC ever real argument there !

  3. S.S.BlockBurner Says:

    fuck this.

    no, really niggas.

    what makes max b >

  4. baby jesus Says:

    yo stfu b
    if you dont understand by now
    you never will
    and you should probably kill yourself

  5. baby jesus Says:

    no shots no disrespect no homo

  6. Harlem World Says:

    what makes max b >

    Singin x Rappin
    New Yorks Last Hope
    Pac like flow
    BBQ Music
    Night Drive Music
    Mixtape tracks better than their original
    Grand Cru

  7. whooooooooohannnnnnnnnnnn Says:

    Max took the wave upstate lol

  8. whooooooooohannnnnnnnnnnn Says:

    Max B took the wave upstate lol

  9. wax Says:

    whats up with the fake jamaican accent? the only people allowed to rap with accents that aren’t their own are the blastmaster and eminem

  10. - keka - Says:

    i dont understand the max b wave either..
    but, i wish hommie good luck, hope things work out for him..

    but, come on. yall cant hate on lyte!! ha, she been doing that jamican accent thingy for the last few joints i heard from her?

    …she must be hitting up the reggae club regularly or something..

  11. Belize Says:

    big up

  12. Dr.PostALot Says:


  13. Knuckz Says:

    The true female G.O.A.T. love Lauryn and Digga, but they are not fuckin wit Lyte!!!

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