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Video: Max B’s Trial: “Walk The Plank”

The comments might mourn for weeks if anything happens to the wave.

HipHopStan.com brings you exclusive footage of Max B’s journey during his trial, as he faces a life sentence.

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13 Responses to “Video: Max B’s Trial: “Walk The Plank””

  1. Lelan Says:


  2. 201 Says:


  3. Skeeter Says:

    Free The Great Wave!


  4. AntSoReady Says:

    i was to savvy on Max B but im officially ridin the wave. pause. hope he doesnt get the book throw at him. i believe that hip hop needs him..

  5. Belize Says:

    free the wavy one

  6. Q Says:

    What the fuck are they watching at the end?

  7. tysonz Says:

    SMH AT 201…

  8. rustyshackleford Says:

    i thinkthey are watching his spoof vids

  9. AceosMusic Says:

    What’s the point of wearing a fitted to court? You’re not on the block and the judge is not ya’ll boy. I hate when dudes do this, it makes me questions if they really care(prolly not). If not don’t hire a lawyer and bring ya’ll hypeman to defend you. Idiots! He won’t beat this charge, grow up.

  10. Seth Gueko Says:

    yeah i think max b fucks a girl on this spoof vid
    a cartoon about rap ish !

  11. Inf Says:

    Oh no, don’t let Max B get locked up.

    then he’ll never put out that major label debut.


  12. NotUrAverageJoeUK Says:

    The cartoon is a spoof of when Spectacular from Pretty Ricky challenged Bow Wow, Chris Brown, etc to a dance-off faggot style. It’s in the 2dopeboyz random acts of fcukery archives.

    btw this lawyer of Max B seems like a fukin idiot. Iknow its easy for me to say this now he’s been found guilty, but would YOU want that guy defending your freedom?

  13. Nah Right » Blog Archive » Video: Max B’s BBQ (6/6/09) Says:

    […] Statement from Max B’s Lawyer | Max B Verdict: Guilty | Max B’s Trial: “Walk The Plank” (Video) | Max B feat. Beanie Sigel & French Montana – Whatchu Want From Me | Max B – Never Wanna Go […]

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