Video: Jay-Z x T-Pain – Death of Autotune (Live at Summer Jam)

This seemed to be kind of a classic moment from last night, but YN reckons that it wasn’t planned. Makes it even better in that case.

Previously: Jay-Z – D.O.A. (Death of Autotune) [CDQ]

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66 Responses to “Video: Jay-Z x T-Pain – Death of Autotune (Live at Summer Jam)”

  1. - keka - Says:

    killed it!!

  2. Sonic Says:

    I thought I heard that he used to ride the train form the J stop to the Z stop doing his thing. Thats how he got the name Jay-Z

  3. D_block_4_life Says:

    Well needless to say, this song definitely got me heavily anticipating BP3 again. I also hope that Brooklyn song makes the album.

  4. V.I Says:


  5. BIG STRONG AKA Mr. Duck Ass Nigga Exposer Says:

    Jay is the Wiz
    “The Color Is Green”

  6. Big Homie Says:

    It wouldnt surprise me if more people use auto tune…hit or not there is going to be certain people that are going to fuck with it..smh and not to mention some artists might do a jay diss song to get more attention. I just dont think artist are going to be like “oh Im not going to use autotune cause of that Jay record”.

  7. CiCi The Intern Says:

    they need to do the thick Hoodies for the fall & winter. NFL joints & HBC Joints too.

    Their jackets and hoodies are tough.

    I wonder who their clientele is now since the “Death of the Throwback” …

  8. The Michael Foster Project Says:

    hello guys

  9. C.Khid Music and Entertainment < Visit Me Says:

    this joint is a banger! Cats better listen to the man when he speak. Wisdom. Might can stop the game from dying

  10. The Real Copy Editor Says:

    “This seemed to be kind of a classic moment”

    Really, Nation? Can your writing get any worse? Do you even understand how bad that sentance is? Read that sentance to yourself and get back to me.

    Stay close Nation, I’m gonna help you out, son.

  11. M. Says:

    Unrelated to all of the above, but I just remembered Diddy has a new album coming out that he said is going to have plenty of auto-tune on it What does this mean for him and his album? Anyone remember the video with him and T-Pain where he said he was actually gonna pay T-Pain some percentage of his album sales profits for letting jocking the autp-tune thing from him?

    And something else unrelated, Jay ends this saying “Good riddance!”

    It’s probably just a coincidence, but might he have been listening to some Drizzy (Good Riddance is one of Drakes two diss tracks going at Toronto rapper Aristo… before he said he you could diss him and you’ll never hear a reply for it.)

  12. Mega Says:

    JZ are the trains that run at Marcy. Thats where jay z came from

  13. Says:

    preferably with blonde with a fat ass who can sing along

    cause its ova when the fat lady sings

    now thats real imagery i can appreciate ..not some bullshit similie or punchline
    jayz =GOAT

  14. terror squad Says:

    J-Z subway lines in NYC that run to Marcy Projects

  15. Jay-Z — D.O.A. [Death of Autotune] Says:

    […] “D.O.A.,” “You rappers singing too much, Get back to rap, you T-Pain-ing too much.” Check Nah Right for video of Jay’s “D.O.A.” at Summer […]

  16. F Jay Z Says:

    Y is that nigga hatin. T-pain is doin his thang, Jay is jus hatin cuz he aint in the spotlight no more, so he tryna start a beef. Bitch ass nigga think cuz he got one of the finest women in the world as his wife he do wat eva he wants

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