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Will Roush – Where Roush Happens


Well, with the NBA Playoffs finally coming to a close, and Game 1 of the finals approaching this Thursday, Will hit the studio with Miami-based producers The Fliptones (Lil Wayne, Birdman, Donnie Klang, etc.) to put a little urban twist on Carly Commando’s “Everyday,” which, if you don’t already know, is the beautiful piano composition that backs the NBA’s “Where Amazing Happens” commercials.

Doesn’t matter what team he’s riding with (Is it Aftermath? G-Unit? Roc Nation? Def Jam? Grand Hustle?) or he’s rooting for (Lakers in 6) Roush happens everywhere! So he even poked a little photoshop fun at himself.

Will’s mixtape Know My Name Vol. 1, presented by DJ Skee & DJ Whoo Kid will be dropping very very very soon.

Will Roush – Where Roush Happens

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  1. geico lizard Says:

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    James has had the condition for several months, but with permission from his treating doctors, he and his family decided to put off the operation until the Cavs completed their season.

  2. Da Says:


  3. Black Bully of Billyburg The Lurker Says:

    WHY is this Will Doush gettin mad burn here ? the dude is WIKKETY WACK !!!

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