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Video: Emilio Rojas – Closure (Live)

Off Emilio’s new mixtape, The Natural, coming soon. Produced by Keelay & Zaire, footage shot by the esteemed Court Dunn at the China Club.

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6 Responses to “Video: Emilio Rojas – Closure (Live)”

  1. Scott Tenorman Says:

    @ Scott – thanks man/ my name is Victory on Nah due to… problems.

    For more of my music, check LondonToMK.com and search Victory. Danielson has some of my album cuts on there.

    And you can get my album all over the internets if you like what u hear.

    where in the US can we but it?

    Just downloaded that Riding and Influx joint and they go hard. That website is also like a Nah Right UK does Eskay know about it? I don’t know half the rappers that are on that site anyway – what’s a ‘Donaeo’ LOL

  2. rex hussla Says:

    Freeway: Cashing In With Cash Money

    Is he signing to Cash Money? Baby’s had his eye on him for a while I guess (yh)

  3. Eastern_Digital Says:

    Omilio >> Emilio

  4. rex hussla Says:

    Lighter Shade of Brown > Emilio Rojas

  5. rex hussla Says:

    Emilio Estevez > Emilio Rojas

  6. rantz Says:

    the closure shit is insanely dope

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