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Charles Hamilton – Reminder


This Perfect Life leftover.

Charles Hamilton – Reminder

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17 Responses to “Charles Hamilton – Reminder”

  1. Joe 88 Says:

    This nigga even writes in pink, what a fag

  2. rex hussla Says:

    Do YOU wanna hear a song from a junkie in recession? Especially on an album where progression is the key to perfection?

    NO NO and NO…this dude is such a lame.

  3. Belize Says:

    I aint mean that tho..

  4. Gseven Says:

    he made the right choice. song is mega boring.

  5. Seth Gueko Says:

    he will sell more than Asher ?
    i don’t think.. but CH is def
    a good rapper but now
    the market is fuckin’
    dead in crisis and
    internet will be
    the new eldo
    rado cuz

  6. Farouq (ya thats my government) aka Nah’s Ving Rames in Baby Boy Says:

    Everytime I stop up in here SethG going hard on the D train.

    ADM!!!!! this guy(c)Italiano

  7. DezyDiablo Says:

    …I’m tired of this nigga…i hope his album flop mega hard to the point where he’ll sink back into obscurity like Skee-Lo

  8. Seth Gueko Says:

    PEACE; I’m out(ta here)!

  9. Carlos Voltron Says:

    He was right.

  10. samsohn Says:

    he’s takin a clear shot at eminem here, no??

  11. Grand Master Says:

    smh @ “Just look up what it means”

    when son can’t even spell “Disambiguation” properly… gtfoh

    That cockiness (yes homo) is precisely what will make charles hamilton lose. Son says some real ish, but always speaks like he thinks he is talking light years past his audience. Him and his slurred flow need to go back to Cleveland.

  12. KThundo Says:

    “Do you wanna hear a song from a junkie in recession?”

    …ummm no, i’d rather see said junkie get duffed in the jaw by a chick repeatedly

  13. Jerkstore Says:

    This faggot is trying to be the black Cage.


  14. Tha5thElement Says:

    Wow…lots of hate on the kid…. This isn’t bad. Its hella different. I actually kinda like this…

    Yes. I like this one. That “Does tha Grim Reaper have my #” was cool.

  15. FriedChicken Says:

    Charles is an innovative and creative artist.. i’m diggin his style..

  16. JMack Says:

    this kid is the ultimate hip-hop douchebag… christ.

  17. purplehayes Says:

    ur all the reasons why great hip hop is going to die…kid is ill….one of the only ppl out right now where i like his shit better and better after every listen…u really hav to get used to his music to enjoy it..but once u do its great….enough of the trash talk….hes an eccentric…nd some times says some wierd shit…but either way hes a great artist….get wit it or go bac to dick ridin wayne

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