Blueprint 3 (Death Of Autotune?) Set To Release On 9/11?

The Wiltern, LA 6/1/09

Hov’s not just being patriotic…


Update: Some interesting/funny tweets from Shake & The Real:


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103 Responses to “Blueprint 3 (Death Of Autotune?) Set To Release On 9/11?”

  1. lea Says:

    # – keka – Says:
    June 3rd, 2009 at 5:33 pm

    dang, they going make us wait all summer… was hoping he snuck in another summer banger!
    u know the album is done….just needs that 9/11 ann of first blueprint marketing ploy to go with! DOA I cant wait…..that song with Webstar and Jimmy makes my stomach hurt….just like seeing Jim shirtless and bow-legged in the video!!!

  2. raweewers Says:

    so like the estatic leaked er waa?

  3. ave Says:

    “Girls,Girls,Girls-Hola’ Hovito-Momma Loves Me arent songs that im in love with”

    dam my dude momma loves me is a fuckin classic song maybe top 10 jay of all time….n plies maino tey songz as possible features?????please say it aint so

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