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Video: Ridin With David Banner

Shot over a year ago, David Banner & Filthy South drove from Miami Beach to Opa-Locka and Davis expressed his views on hiphop and the negative influence…

Karen Civil

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4 Responses to “Video: Ridin With David Banner”

  1. PW Says:

    Why would want to ride anywhere with david banner…

    a thus ass nigga wit bad table manners.

  2. spirit equality Says:

    the obvious choice and the only choice is to stand up for what’s right, period.

    if he stands up, his legacy will feed his children for generations

    imagine if you walk to a job interview and say your grandfather was martin luther king. before they even look at your resume, you’ve got a good chance at being hired just because your grandfather put it down so hard that he created a legacy that leads to goodwill being extended to his entire family line.

    meanwhile, imagine if stepin fetchit is your grandfather. you’re going to get disrespected just for being related to him.

    dudes need to think generationally…

  3. +1 Says:


  4. fuck david banner Says:

    2pac didnt get killed 4 his people
    he got killed cause hes a jackass
    and he got biggie killed because of a fuckin lie
    fuck pac and david banner

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