Video: Rick Ross – Deeper Than Rap (Lost Intro)

Shouts to SpiffTV.

Previously: Rick Ross – Deeper Than Rap (Lost Intro)

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18 Responses to “Video: Rick Ross – Deeper Than Rap (Lost Intro)”

  1. Sean Coonery Says:

    With Kush and Lean on my breath.

    Who makes videos for Intros?

  2. ant Says:


  3. AmpGeez a.k.a. Take That Roc-A-Wear Off, You Embarassin' Us Says:

    Fuck boy.

  4. Ty Says:


  5. The Shot Clock aka servin through my burglar bars Says:

    Yo, Star went IIIIIINNNNNNN on T.I.

    get that nigga his radio show back ASAP

  6. sharmando Says:

    I feel like he’s lying straight to my face when he raps this shit…good song tho



  8. lelan Says:

    Greatest thing i read in a long time

    Hating for no reason – when did this become fashionable?

    Hip-Hop is gradually turning into a Nation of Haters – hating just to hate. This means investing a lot of energy in hating some rapper like Drake when you should put time in supporting that rapper you love. That is assuming you love anybody. It’s probably time to rechristen the term fan into something else like “people that ruin people before they reach their potential.” Fan is short for “fanatic,” which means one that has “excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion.” This idea of fanaticism is rare in 2009.

    This editorial isn’t about Drake, even though he is the centerpiece. The hate towards him is puzzling considering what he’s achieving before our eyes. Is there loathing because he’s got a shot with Rihanna? Or that he is a fair-skinned, half Jewish Canadian and not from the South Bronx or the Dirty South? Perhaps the hate stems from his close link with another “detested” (and million-in-one-week-selling) rapper in Lil Wayne? I am open to any and all reasonable answers, but I think people just hate.

    I’m not a Soulja Boy fan by any stretch of the human imagination, but I sit back and I laugh for that young man. I laugh because he made it through somehow. I would have bet money that he would be a failure after his first album, banished forever as a wack one hit wonder. But, through all the hate he got, he survived another outing. Now, lyrically Drake does laps around Soulja Boy, but they share the same hate in the hearts of fans. Does anybody remember the HYPE – I mean, sheer, unbridled HYPE surrounding Nas when he first emerged? Imagine what would become of Nas has he just gotten started in 2009.

    Does it seem even remotely familiar in concept?



    I like when people hate on haters.

  10. Tong Po Flo Says:

    The Ecstatic

  11. rex hussla Says:

    *thinks about some of the Nah regs’ logic on not wearing fitteds after 25*

    *sees 20 new Crooks & Castles fitteds on Karmaloop*

    fuck the bullshit I’m coppin’ at least 3

  12. Danielson a.k.a. My Blog Game Proper™ Says:


    “This Perfect Life” Tracklist

  13. HaS Says:

    I wonder if Rick Rawse uses the same fruits and berries in hi beard as Prince Akeem in Coming to America? Looks well moisturized lol Pause.

  14. HaS Says:

    I wonder if Rick Rawse uses the same fruits and berries in hi beard as Prince Akeem in Coming to America? Looks well moisturized lol Pause.

  15. Danielson a.k.a. My Blog Game Proper™ Says:

    yo lelan the CH tracklist is at the link above, you’re the only other person i know whos at least a lil excited about it (none) lol

  16. ijbn Says:

    dis joint go hard

  17. CK214 Says:

    *rawse keeps lighting the lighter sets afghan beard on fire*

    cool intro nonetheless

  18. Dutch_Samson Says:

    the rap peter griffin…rawse!

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