Young Buck – Cashville Solid (NoDJ)


BuckMarley just leaked the NoDJ of a track that’s off DJ 31 Degreez’s From Cashville To Hollygrove.

Young Buck – Cashville Solid (NoDJ)

Previously: Young Buck – Back On My Buck Shit (Mixtape)

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11 Responses to “Young Buck – Cashville Solid (NoDJ)”

  1. Voltron Says:

    The Ecstatic

  2. Voltron Says:

    W.A.R. (Let My People Go)

  3. Micheal Tyson aka I Want Money Like Cosby Says:

    MMA >>> Boxing

    smh @ how rashad evans got knocked out…damm i know machida was undefeated but nigga barely put up any resistance

  4. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Holy fuck there’s more than one Young Buck image in the Nahright computer bank. (n)

    Dre. By the way mate. I hope you know you’re gay if you didn’t squeeze on Info’s boobies at that industry party last night.

  5. PW Says:

    ..Fake ass niggaz with a passion for theatrics
    ya name’s in the record books followed by an asterisk…
    you won when wack niggaz was in
    when you never needed talent or skills to win
    when you never needed lyrics or a dope ass flow
    and the real niggaz never saw no cash flow
    so go Flash go, run for ya life
    find a safe spot you could chill for the night
    where they got no cable and they only play tapes
    and the wack niggaz out can’t infiltrate

  6. Dre Says:

    I respectfully hugged Miss Info as she was leaving..

  7. PW Says:

    @ EngRep..copied from LondontoMK

    “Of course i watched the fuckin game. I am a football fan above all. I just wish Henry woulda sunk them.

    That was the definition of being outclassed…ball possession + goals is unbeatable.”

  8. Danielson a.k.a. My Blog Game Proper™ Says:

    I respectfully hugged Miss Info as she was leaving..

    is she as fine in real life as she looks in the pics? and di you call her minya lol?

  9. PHOENIXXX Says:

    if you been sleeping on that Young Buck mixtape, wake up, grab a red bull and download that shit

    Young Buck>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Biggie

    *daps everybody*

    *gives EngRep a disgusted look*

    *returns to lurk mode*

  10. Tong Po Flo Says:

    Black Milk’s The Matrix >>>>>>>>>

  11. PW Says:

    Damn I didnt even know Classified made a video for ‘Anybody Listening.’

    When y’all posted that Trouble video i thought i could count on nah for Class updates.

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