Video: Mikkey Halsted – My Life

Live-action video for Mikkey Halsted “My Life,” which was released on the Uncrowned King mixtape.

Directed by Will Gates.

Previously: Mikkey Halsted – We Are One (prod. No ID) | Mikkey Halsted – Hello (prod. Don Cannon)

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25 Responses to “Video: Mikkey Halsted – My Life”

  1. Beezy Says:

    Mikkey >

  2. SNORT_SNORTCRAZY88SINCE88 Says: > > >


    Floyd Mayweather is BROKE? GATTTTTTTTTT!!

  4. Lelan Says:

    Nahright> ANY OTHER Hip hop site

  5. Beezy Says:

    Amplified Grammar > Nah Right

  6. Beezy Says:

    Newness Magazine Online > Nah Right

  7. TheCo!!inB Says:

    Arizona did a great job switching up their core demographic. They used to be in convenience stores in glass bottles for like $1.79…nowadays they in the can for 99c at your local stab and grab
    ^ have you seen how pepsi and coca cola both have tried to switch the style up with the 99 cans as well? in marketing esp, I always find it beautiful to see how lower socio-economic environments find a way to control market places. Arizona doesn’t even need to place adds to sell, thoe cans are coming off the shelves regardless.

  8. Ghost Writer Says:

    Yes Man the movie > Nah Righ

  9. Ghost Writer Says:

    Yes Man the movie > Nah Right

  10. Ghost Writer Says:

    Amalgam Digital

  11. Beezy Says:

    $20 bags of Haze > Nah Right


    who knew?!!?
    Yaki is Thai for “a”chick.

  13. Ghost Writer Says:


  14. TheCo!!inB Says:

    i’m actually surprised no rapper has mentioned “being in the hood like Arizona cans”….
    *waits to hear bar in an ondaspot freestyle tomorrow on nah*

  15. Lelan Says:

    Is it really possible to get banned from nahright???

  16. Beezy Says:

    i’m actually surprised no rapper has mentioned “being in the hood like Arizona cans”….
    *waits to hear bar in an ondaspot freestyle tomorrow on nah*

    ^LOL, my fav of that genre:

    im in the hood like Utz, 50c sodas and dutchie guts…

  17. Lelan Says:


    *Steals arizona tea metaphor*


    Ghost Writer Says:

    May 26th, 2009 at 2:49 pm


  19. Ghost Writer Says:

    Yo that last Young Jeezy mixtape is the shit….thanks Nah Right


    The crossroads of North America is about to become a lot more pedestrian-friendly. New York City’s Times Square is reportedly getting a makeover to make it car-free. According to an Associated Press report, portions of Broadway from 42nd Street up to 47th and from 33rd to 35th are being closed to cars to cut down on pollution, traffic and pedestrian accidents.

    To kick off the new arrangement, NYC has planned something of a block party in the Square, where they’ll play a movie on a giant screen and street performers will entertain the crowds. They’re even going to set out beach chairs so folks can cop a squat and soak it all in.

    Barriers started going up on Sunday around Times Square and the nearby Herald Square in front of Macy’s. Herald Square is the other area that will become a pedestrian mall as a result of the changes. To make sure everything goes smoothly, the Department of Transportation says it will be keeping a close eye on traffic in the area as the new setup ramps up.


  21. Beezy Says:

    co-sign, Trappin’ Aint Dead is nice

  22. Lelan Says:

    How is life in NY???

  23. Ghost Writer Says:

    *belly flops over work computers and telephones*

    *injures self on the job*


  24. Lelan Says:

    Ayo jeeezy was weak on goin in though

  25. so hundreds Says:

    gotta show love to mikkey..wild hundreds all day.. i use to ball with charlie glad to see him doing his thing

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