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Video: Jay Rock – Gudda Muzik Mixtape Trailer

Drops May 26th.

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6 Responses to “Video: Jay Rock – Gudda Muzik Mixtape Trailer”

  1. nirun Says:

    o yea eh

  2. MillionDollaMindz Says:

    Aight good look my dude

  3. legiNdary Says:

    yo man i know you guys like Jay Rock I just wanted to pass along an interview I did with him. We chopped it up for a half hour talking about everything from Dre and Em to Twitter , Detox, Wayne and The Lakers. His work ethic is dope and he’s on his way for sure. Let me know what you guys think

  4. RANGE Says:

    newyork heads need to catch up these westcoast cats aint playing!
    Big ups to Jay roc he thoro!

  5. once again Says:

    this’ll be amazing. the 2nd track – OMFG!

  6. Slim Says:

    Ummmm about 20 people have done How to Rob over….Late pass

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