Video: Eminem on Tim Westwood

Eminem Full 14min Westwood Interview: UserShare

Explicit/CDQ freestyles in seperate mp3s: Chonkyfire | Alchemist | Respect My Conglomerate

These mp3s are straight from Mr. Westwood himself. The freestyle mp3s are explicit & longer (11min) than yesterday’s rip. If you need another reason to delete yesterdays, the quality of those rips sucked..

UPDATE: I think the Alchemist freestyle is a beat for the Slaughterhouse album. The sample says “Microphone” and that’s one of the confirmed tracknames in the article. Plus, Em mentions Slaughterhouse.

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60 Responses to “Video: Eminem on Tim Westwood”

  1. urswurv Says:

    damn I miss how proof used to push this dude in freestyle sessions

  2. Luis Says:

    can someone post a link? the original is dead.

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  5. ChargerDon Says:

    The full version done disappered off the face of the internet…

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