Truck North – Never Ending Flip


Another joint off Truck North’s upcoming mixtape, Truck Jewels. Video coming soon.

Truck North – Never Ending Flip

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6 Responses to “Truck North – Never Ending Flip”

  1. Treasure!!!! Says:

    Hip hop 4eva

  2. R.J.Orion Says:

    R.J.Orion Says:

    May 23rd, 2009 at 1:42 pm
    and please dont bring me the argument that all publicity is good publicity and it translates to sales, cause if that was the case, Yung Berg would be the most selling artist of 08 with all the public Ls he took.


    in entertainment ALL publicity IS good publicity … the fact that you even mentioned young berg’s name means his publicity machine worked … cause he aint half the MC Charles is … and its also good publicity for the chick who im sure will have a record out in the near future … i never said the strategy was guaranteed to work, or that it was smart … but the fact that CHARLES HIMSELF posted it AT HIS OWN blog, speaks volumes … what nigga does that ? and for waht purpose ? … some of you niggiz is lost blind sheep … straight up …

    and some of yall dont know what taking an L really is … last week everyone had petty much forgotten about Charles…

    now he’s top story in hiphop again …

    open your eyes, little lamb …

    and paranoid about what, fool?

    paranoia implies fear …

    fear of charles hamilton? (whom im a fan of)

    fear of jimmy iovine? (nigga please)

    you sound paranoid… afraid to look further than what you are told … afraid to think for yourself ..

    or maybe INCAPABLE of thinking for yourself …

    LOL @ having “paranoia” over a marketing scheme that i was never gonna be a consumer of anyway …

    you need more brain cells …

  3. eskay Says:

    I doubt that punch was premeditated, but it ended up being good pub for Charles so he’s running with it.

  4. The Broad Street Bastid Says:

    Look its better for him that she hit him and not me or someother mad rappper. Cuz if it was me he woulda lost TEEETH. But atleast he didnt Chris Brown her on camera. Thats the one other good thing that came from this FUCKERY.

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