Video: Girl Punches Charles Hamilton in the Face

Some chick taps Charles’ jaw during an impromptu battle.  I don’t understand what he was saying that got her so mad. The previous abortion line was worse than the line that it seems like she duffed him for. I guess she was mad he was styling on her.

Related: Chuck says that’s his assistant

UPDATE: His assistant is Briana Latrise, Mary J. Blige’s stepdaughter.

^ dying @ the Sonic rings

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107 Responses to “Video: Girl Punches Charles Hamilton in the Face”

  1. vabeats Says:

    ina way I feel sorry for her but then thay what happens when u give it up..

    ..see the look on his face’ ..damn girl u didnt just hit me..u punched me

    hard as fuck’..he was like confused, that felt like a dude hit me but im lookn

    at a girl..

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  3. therabidwhole Says:

    Seriously, this dude is a loser.
    The only reason he’s with her is cuz she’s harder than him, but he needs her because he tries to act hard, while wearing pink fluffy headphones, and what looks like a 3 year old little girl’s kitten-handbag on his arm. WTF??? How are you anything but ambiguous with that outfit on, and you getting punched, not slapped, punched…in the face…by your girl. That means she does not respect him as a man, period! So if this chick, who obviously is way more thorough than this wanna-be Kanye-Lupe-Pharell fake, tight clothes wearing, never seen in Harlem cornball, has no respect for him, why should anyone else. If tight clothes and Kanye West is what u love, I’m not knocking you, just don’t try to act like you be on the block in the Harlem with the goons with that shit on, when you know you be on myspace and facebook all day in your crib.
    Shorty said she played his games when she was 18, and made it seem like it was a while ago, so she obviously knows this fruitcake inside and out. She was prolly attracted to him initially because he wasn’t a thug, but she obviously is hood with her own little escapist flare as exhibited when she says she writes poetry, not rhymes. But over time, she prolly realized how fake the nigga was, and lost all respect for him. It’s unfortunate for him he got put on blast like that, but really though, when you act as fake as this dude does, it’s only a matter of time before the rug is pulled out from under you. You’re a fad, bro, the residual of Diddy’s gay ass mohawk, to Kanye West duets with his husband John Legend, to spray-on-jeans wearing Lil’ Wayne and Jim Jones. If your girl can’t fit in your jeans, that’s a problem homie. Get it right, or get out the closet. Just be happy with yourself.

  4. dizzyray Says:

    i know alot of women who would have do that…he put her major bizznes out on cam..and you see how many people watchin this video now…but he still go hard and of course he aint gonna hit her back ova a cam..he dont even look like that type who hits back, he was waitin on that next punch tho(he held her hand down)

    anyway…shout out to that nigga he doin big things, and she fine as hell everything great.

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