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Video: Common Interview w/ Jimmy Kimmel

Promoting Terminator Salvation.

Props to Yardie

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6 Responses to “Video: Common Interview w/ Jimmy Kimmel”

  1. Charles Wingate the Manhattan Financier Says:

    broke the rubber, busted a nut up in your mother…

  2. PW Says:

    I’ll take it back before we knew each others name
    Run in a ultrasound and snatch you out your mothers frame
    I’ll take it further back than that
    Back to lovers lane, to the night you were started
    Cock block your fathers game

  3. reggaetonslasher Says:

    *snarls shakes head angrilly whilst trotting sideways*

  4. Yasser Pair-a-gats Says:

    Eminem Has Based His Comeback On His Addiction Battle


    i’m so sick of this YT and all his concepts, first it’s the hailey shit, then his ex-wife, then proof, i mean can we get some of that rawkus eminem that just got on the mic and ripped the shit without being part of some pop culture commentary smfh RIP eminem as an interesting rapper, i mean he can still spit like hell but i’ll take the verse he did on the biggie duets shit where he’s talking about animals over any of this new shit

  5. PW Says:

    Forget a chorus.. my metaphors
    are so complicated, it takes six minutes to get applause
    And by the time you all catch on,
    I’ma end your career
    and walk away with the whole floor so you have nothin to fall back on

  6. urswurve Says:

    how u feel about having another little brother?

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