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Raekwon feat. B-Real – The Masters (Rest In Peace) [NoDJ]

Raekwon feat. B-Real – The Masters (Rest In Peace) [NoDJ]

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22 Responses to “Raekwon feat. B-Real – The Masters (Rest In Peace) [NoDJ]”

  1. Nan Says:

    What’s going through Rae’s head in the picture..

    “This mixtapes been delayed worse than the album”

  2. chanel Says:

    Wow… speechless on this one lol

  3. uhhh Says:

    another reason to cop that ob4cl!
    i def fucks with this (no homo)

  4. kedordu@gmail.com Says:

    I’ll pull the skirt off this nigga / the ball sack of hiphop
    the balls on this nigga /2 albums flip flopped
    mouse admit it B/getting at cheese
    must be wire(d) / take the meth out ur mouth
    you wont get higher
    you are a bitch a phony a fake with no classics
    a snake you raped and never paid the klassiks
    ill go straight to the point with my facts and figures
    u put meth in ur mouth to fuck wendy williams
    if I jacked joe today/ill bet my life on it
    no ransom ,no sai (no grief that hes ) gon (e)
    studied the game /but flunked rap 101
    who the fuck is cowboy ?? /muthafucka u lost …
    you shit is not fluid /speak english not foolish
    like craig david u really think u born to do this ??
    A rapper turned blogger? /i see what u doing
    You on google and youtube trynna make partner
    better yet be a guru on xtube with ur partner … GAAATTT
    homie listen /u not that hot
    u not the one /u not number 2 ..the shit u not
    If u got a problem holla at me
    at least now u got a story come album 3
    And when that shit bricks , mood music 4 ,
    Shit still no love Talk smack on beef 5 … ummm
    Screen when black after that
    smoked six 7-inch blunts floored before that..yep
    open season its on /u looking like lunch
    wanna go line for line ?/bar for bar ?
    Or S.W.A.G for unmitigated G.A.W.S ?
    YEP !!! I said it GALLS in a southern drawl
    flipped ur S.W.A.G/front to back
    cause u the ass crack of rap …
    rather chris benoit than joe budden my ass

  5. Ralph001 Says:

    That rhymes was some fly shit.. Joe buddens need to calm down, he’s talking to reckless. He ain’t fuching with meth.. He just wants he’s name outthere.. Go get that meth and red new album, it’s FIRE!!! To, chef cook up that Cuban linx 2, am starving for that album…

  6. dj vex Says:

    much love from philly peace…..dj vex

  7. D.W (EvokenFruition) Says:

    DAMN!!!!!!!!!! Kiilt em!!!

  8. Rbiznezz Says:

    aight Chef, we really believe it god. this heat u keep coming with is wiping away all frustrations of us waiting on another Rae classic. good work, the track is dope!

  9. James Says:

    That was a really nice track. The eerie sample over the beat, the contrast between your and B-Real’s voice. Everything worked very well together. I can’t wait to hear the whole album but great effort thus far.

  10. mrmoneyroc Says:

    Its not the unsigned hype /its the d vine type
    bone mo trife/ in da middle of night
    thrones off hype/jus for thinkin it right
    not ya average soothsayer/mids on a playa
    nickel quotes on oats when I smoke/ill have ya throat
    practicing on peanut butter/ lights out for G da wonders
    make it rain and seize thunda/breathe dunna
    money rocca da breed runner/i bleed comers
    never had to sag for a tip/iiiiii’ll drag for da grip
    but let me chill thats racey/ point casey
    i’ll leave room for displacement/ da replacement
    whatvever ya diets missin /i’m a-sin
    but back to my lesson /before im tail chasin
    da kids a ooh la chew/ now scar face him….i’m out

  11. bctw Says:

    I hate e-rappers…

  12. Chris Says:

    good track b real is disciplined mc
    and voices harmonize well together
    would like to see an extended,,, aggressive version….
    with bitches singing……

  13. Woodrow The Basehead Says:

    August 11!!

    “Suzie throw it out the window!”


  14. Raekwon (feat. B-Real) - The Masters (Rest In Peace) | Grey Matter Says:

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  15. MT_Mosquito Says:


  16. erin Says:

    raekwon, FTW.

  17. theory hazit Says:

    rae comes correct, b gets pioneer respect. certified hot.

  18. tray57magnum Says:

    Yo the song is raw b

  19. HILLZMUSIC Says:

    always been a fan!!! keep makin hits and classic work!!!

  20. Coach Bilal Says:

    “wanna go line for line ?/bar for bar ?
    Or S.W.A.G for unmitigated G.A.W.S ?
    YEP !!! I said it GALLS in a southern drawl
    flipped ur S.W.A.G/front to back
    cause u the ass crack of rap …”

    AAKH! This shit is tooooo heavy for babies to pick up.
    I would say welcome back, but IPOD Neva missed you. Constant rotation.
    Legitimate Metephorical Content.

    Oh BOY!

    Coach Bilal Sankofa A.Salaam

  21. scheintime Says:

    def feelin this..got that classic raekwon flo..and b-real sounds pretty damn hungry on this one..he went in hard

  22. bonez Says:

    ha ha damn he killed him! before half way! ha ha tha last couple barz he just had him turnin in hiz grave! ha ha

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