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Alchemist – Chemical Warfare 2 Track List

As you may have noticed, Alchemist is Eminem’s tour DJ now. Well, Alc got Eminem on his next LP:

Following up on 2004’s critically acclaimed compilation 1st Infantry and last years Chemical Warfare EP, Alc’s new disc will feature a superstar guest list of MCs including Em, Jadakiss, Fabolous, Snoop Dogg, Pusha T, Juvenile and Twista, who appears on the lead single “Smile” with R&B singer Maxwell. Along with providing the gritty soundscape, the Beverly Hills bred beatsmith will also be spitting on the disc.

The Alchemist is currently on a promo tour with Em, serving as his DJ, where he has already performed at several stops in the UK and the U.S. including Em’s Relapse release party in Detroit earlier this week and “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Alc also served as the Detroit rapper’s DJ in 2005 for the Anger Management 3 tour.

Dropping July 7th on E1. Hit the jump for the track list.

1. Intro
2. “ALC Theme” feat. Kool G Rap.
3. “Lose Your Life” feat. Snoop Dogg, Jadakiss and Pusha T.
4. “Chemical Warfare” feat. Eminem
5. “Grand Concourse Benches” feat. KRS-One
6. “Therapy” feat. Evidence, Blu, Talib Kweli and Kid Cudi.
7. “That’ll Work” feat. Three 6 Mafia and Juvenile
8. “Smile” feat. Twista and Maxwell
9. “Keep The Heels On” feat. Prodigy
10. “Gangrene” feat Gangrene (Oh No and Alchemist) Roc C and Crooked I.
11. “Lights, Cameras, Action” feat. Lil Fame
12. “Some Gangster Sh*t” feat. Fabolous
13. “From Now To Then” feat. Jadakiss
14. “On Sight” feat. Dogg Pound and Lady of Rage
15. “Take A Look Back”

Props to XXL

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12 Responses to “Alchemist – Chemical Warfare 2 Track List”

  1. THIS IS A MOVIE!!!! Says:


  2. AmpGeez a.k.a. Take That Roc-A-Wear Off, You Embarassin' Us Says:

    Smile >>>

    I listen to that song (and the instrumental) at least once a day.

  3. Mr. Papagiorgio Says:

    ^ nah, but tis a good wknd to hit the flicks. Cool AC, highschool girls in halter tops, loud and obnoxious, chewing and smacking gum. You got the older chicks that were forced and dragged to the flicks by their boyfriends, pissed off so their eyes roam. Not to forget the butter with extra popcorn, goobers etc.


    i dunno why, but this made a nigga roffle somethin serious.

  4. moresickaMC Says:

    dope tracklist

    lady of rage is still alive?

  5. mailman Says:

    dat smile track is fuccin aesome!!

  6. 40 Inc Says:

    Mariah Carey Takes A Shot At Eminem? “I Dont Eat Candy”

    ^ yea but u eat dick

  7. kallywood Says:

    10. “Gangrene” feat Gangrene (Oh No and Alchemist) Roc C and Crooked I.

    Jackin the bigavell

  8. No_neva-eva Says:

    7. “That’ll Work” feat. Three 6 Mafia and Juvenile

    ^^^ That shit is fire. It’s on that recent trap-a-holics mix

  9. clocksuckaz Says:

    looks dooooooope. looks hella dope .
    fuck them cuban linxes and them detoxes, this is most anticipated for oh nyne.


    3. “Lose Your Life” feat. Snoop Dogg, Jadakiss and Pusha T.


  11. Seth Gueko Says:

    nahright said “last years Chemical Warfare EP”
    That was alchemist’s cookbook EP
    i think!
    ain’t no part 2 for chemical warfare
    it’s just the second ALC’s album
    nothing more

  12. - keka - Says:

    – fina be fire!!
    alchemist a monster..and .. just looking at the line up!!!

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