Video: Wiz Khalifa Live in Pittsburgh

Nah Right exclusive:

This is Wiz live in Pittsburgh, Pa, at an under 21 club. I’ve heard some whispers around the hip hop community that Wiz is all internet buzz. Couldn’t be further from the truth….

Come out to the Burgh you’ll see that I got it poppin

Footage courtesy of Artie Pitt.

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14 Responses to “Video: Wiz Khalifa Live in Pittsburgh”

  1. Ghost Writer Says:

    Guess not

  2. Bill Hu$tle Says:

    *cue Khalifa song*

    u know which song

  3. k1ng aka Blunttomaface Says:

    I need a Big Fat Blunt right now.

  4. R.J.Orion Says:

    yo GhostWriter … me & RIGZ have posted youtube clips of, and talked about Aidonia here before … i dont think Eskay listens to MCs that dont come from within a twenty mile radius of Westchester County …

    but Aidonia is a freak of lyrical nature … im a witness …


    What If Notorious B.I.G. Were Still Here For His 37th Birthday?



    Jay-Z: The two became bosom buddies and were on the verge of creating a supergroup together with Charli Baltimore, dubbed the Commission, before B.I.G. passed. But as history shows, money and power have ruined some of the strongest alliances in hip-hop. Many argue that if B.I.G. were here, then Hov’s career wouldn’t be as massive as it currently is.


  7. R.J.Orion Says:

    do these little rap niggiz know what all this extreme pants sagging signifies?… or are they just all queers? …

    i think its the latter …

    i aint watching no more of these gay concert clips …

  8. Mag Says:

    So drake got bajaan head wops while listening to cookies and apple juice…

    Drake is that dude.

    And juelz needs to get on the c&a remix. fuck cam

  9. Beave Says:

    This cannot even compare to Cam at the Highline….

  10. bikobaker Says:

    i think the people managing rushed him out. he is multitalented. he just needs to find his lane.

  11. sach Says:

    i think this dude’s got it. he’s playing in the D with big sean in june, can’t wait to see them both, especially after this.

  12. Korey K Says:

    he’s dope but lets see him leave his home town rock a crowd

  13. B Says:

    >>>Korey K Says:

    May 22nd, 2009 at 11:02 am
    he’s dope but lets see him leave his home town rock a crowd

    Im no big Wiz fam and Im from Pgh…let me tell you he does leave and he gets major love…to be honest his support here is not all that great, haters like yourself…dont got to like him and maybe u think u better but thats your opinion all Im saying is he been grinding hard since 05 and he put out 5 mixtapes and a real independent alblum…Maybe he aint got you or the street crowd but got the people that actually buys music…young college students and women…

  14. Frank joe Says:

    wiz is aight and got a major deal
    but Kalaj Dame is def one of the best from Pittsburgh
    his album releases July 27th ’09- he posed to sell over 100,000 units the first week

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