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Video: Kanye West (starring Rihanna) – Paranoid (Flipcam Rip)

WORLD WIDE EXCLUSIVE! Tonight was a VERY special night. Not because L.A. Reid announced his IDJ Spring Line Collection of new artists. Not because his old partner-in-crime, Babyface was standing 15 feet in front of me sipping a glass of wine.

Not because R&B’s sexiest vixen, Amerie was added to the IDJ roster. But because his international R&B starlet, Rihanna made a SPECIAL public appearance- in more ways than one.

Let me catch you guys up to speed real quick. L.A. Reid held an EXCLUSIVE event in NYC tonight debuting new visuals for Fabolous (”My Time” & “Throw It In The Bag”), The Dream (”Walking On The Moon” ft. Kanye) and Justin Bieber (”One Time”).

Man eff it, without further ado, I present to you the WORLD WIDE DEBUT (extreme guerrilla style) of Kanye West’s new video, “Paranoid” starring Rihanna. ENJOY!



Big fucking props to Low.

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15 Responses to “Video: Kanye West (starring Rihanna) – Paranoid (Flipcam Rip)”

  1. MOOOSE Says:


  2. wavy is a cliche Says:

    max b>

  3. digiTAL sCALes Says:

    Lol at the flip cam rip, these fucking bootleggers be early

  4. devond Says:

    rihanna needs me in here life

  5. The marv Says:

    Kanye on the next level with this creativity shit. From the video to the beat. He killed that beat. Just 909 Drums & a Synth Keyboard.

  6. digiTAL sCALes Says:

    @ThizizDefJam says Kanye West – “Paranoid” video is I black n white its feature Rihanna has the leadin lady n she lookin sexy ass hell. The video is dope
    about 6 hours ago from UberTwitter

  7. Jersey*made*me Says:

    real talk nipsey hussle got that shit
    Word is bond.And J. Cole.I like authentic hard lyrics and Nipsey and Cole are bringing em.

  8. Theo Zissou Says:

    ccol. not what i pictured, but lookin good.

  9. MillionDollaMindz Says:

    5 finger movement pic coming soon !

  10. alwayzambitious Says:

    I need to direct some fucking videos man… it has all the glitz but no fucking substance…good fucking try.

  11. F.luxury.B » Kanye West - “Paranoid” [starring Rihanna] Says:

    […] This is when you know your hot. You got niggas bootleggin your “music video” at private screenings. took me back to old Bootlegs. Good job Ye…I kinda like the fact that it looks like that. Due to the tittle. via Nah Right […]

  12. none Says:


  13. ShiDiddy Says:

    Easily uses the idea from Alfred Hitchcock “PSYCHO”

  14. sana Says:


  15. Sheena Says:

    She is perfection.

    I like the song too! My fav on his new album.

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