Scratch – Ready To Go (ft. Kanye West & Consequence) + Get The Fuck Outta Here (ft. M.O.P.)


No idea if these two been out or not, but the album Loss 4 Wordz drops next Tuesday, May 26th.

Scratch feat. Kanye West & Consequence – Ready To Go

Scratch feat. M.O.P. & Showtime – Get The Fuck Outta Here

Previously: Video: Scratch Discusses Loss 4 Wordz

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9 Responses to “Scratch – Ready To Go (ft. Kanye West & Consequence) + Get The Fuck Outta Here (ft. M.O.P.)”

  1. yeahme2 Says:

    See my role models, roll wit models
    Sippin gold bottles
    Holdin more dough than the whole lotto…

  2. rex hussla Says:

    I think that track feat Kanye has been out…

    I remember Scratch having a Kanye feature on his myspace a couple years back…I’m sure the shit has changed a little bit since then though

  3. "A" Chick Le Fleur Says:

    He looks like Cutty from The Wire.

  4. yeahme2 Says:

    Daycare, play pen drop out
    The grade 10 drop out
    Summer ’05 brought the grey Benz drop out
    Charcoal Charger,
    Racing thru backstreets on my Craig David shit, Artful Dodger

  5. jimmy valentime Says:

    Is one of those 100 people that help cam out sell jim jones

  6. Yasser Pair-a-gats Says:

    uh oh it looks like a nation/dre showdown — trying to fade each other’s posts and shit

    *announcer voice*

    in this corner weiging 100 pounds and rocking some doofy canadian streetwear…nayyyyyyyyyyyshunnnnnnnnnnnnnn. nation is represented by plain chea what up productions aka twist ur yamaka back. nation is only 14 years old but already was listed on kanye’s website TWICE!

    in the other corner we have dre. new kid on the block (no wahlbergs). dre is known for re-posting comments and screenshots and starting corny e-beefs with other rappers.

    ladies and gentlemen please place ur bets now.

    *puts money on the maple leaf*

  7. CiCi The Intern Says:

    *throws a wad of scrapple at Chea*

  8. yeahme2 Says:



    its back…back…back…ITS GONE

  9. Scratch: Ready To Go ft. Kanye West & Consequence [Track] | rhyme style Says:

    […] dre Share and […]

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