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Video: Why Didn’t Method Man & Redman Want to Play w/ The Roots

Peter promised more footage from backstage, AND a Meth response.

Previously: Method Man & Redman Live on Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon

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21 Responses to “Video: Why Didn’t Method Man & Redman Want to Play w/ The Roots”

  1. Mag Says:

    BIIIIRD MAN!!!!!

  2. Jersey*made*me Says:

    I wonder why they don’t just make a full out diss track…actually I know why, THEY know that Budden’s better line for line. Quit the talk Meth.

    Co fucking sign.All these Meth dickriders with this Budden lost bullshit,GTFOH.What did he lose?Meth can’t fuck with him lyrically so he continues to run around doing interviews about how he ain’t with all the internet shit knowing the interviews are goin on the internet.Meth can’t beat nobody ass and faggot ass Busta ain’t never had a fight in his life,he’s a big for nothing ass nigga.Red handled that shit right,no violence just rap it out.

  3. PW Says:

    Questo looks genuinely hurt.

  4. Danielson a.k.a. I love a pretty bitch but my Range looks gorgeous Says:

    YO DRE NATE ESK I GOT ANOTHER WORLD EXCLUSIVE BABY – eminem performing live on zane lowes show on radio 1, make sure that cuny Yn gives props this time.



  5. mass effect Says:

    Meth disrespecting legends, ironic.

  6. blaze22 Says:

    Budden sucks

  7. No_Remorse Says:

    Watching that performance on Jimmy Fallon looked very dated and lacked energy. When was the last time you saw a DJ picked over a live band…. Never. What type of logic is that????

  8. Micheal Tyson aka admiration is the farthest thing from understanding Says:

    lisening to that Poet/Nore joint for the 494 time damm this knocks….i need this instumental ASAP.

  9. Jay Says:

    everytime the roots have back ppl up on that show its been hot. asher was nice, im on a boat was ill haha. come on meth, look at ?uest’s sincerity…

  10. Deity Allah Says:

    I’m a self proclaimed Wu-Tang Stan, but Meth dummied on this decision (if he indeed is responsible for this).

    Doesn’t he remember how dope El Michael’s Affair made the Clan’s classics sound (though he wasn’t there himself)?

    I’m waiting to hear his explanation if it indeed was his decision to not have The Roots backing them.

  11. Jersey*made*me Says:

    Budden sucks

    Not as good as your girl.

  12. Joe Canadian Says:

    Budden sucks

    Not as good as asher roth’s mom

  13. Sound Vertie Says:

    Nobody I know owns a fuckin Joe Budden record. NOBODY!

  14. PLK BANK$ Says:

    Stupid ass mothafuckas, BO2 is legit tho

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  16. kedordu@gmail.com Says:


  17. kedordu@gmail.com Says:

    u need to keep ur opinions to urself esgay !! u know u have stans out there . if u have nothing good to say . keep it to urself .. follow miss info. opinions started all the world wars .. thoughts for food .

  18. kedordu@gmail.com Says:


    u think budden lost ?? fucking dummy .. juddens fans must be the rectum of hiphop too .. whos got more buzz from this shit ?? bottons ! whos album was coming out ?? meth . u really think this rap shit is about bar for far , punchline for punchline ..that shit has its place in hiphop thats the back bone on hiphop . thats the ball sack of hiphop .. the ball . So Melle Mel wrongly got it right . But when an armature like buddens .. (YES he is charles hamilton freestlyes the way budden raps ) go at performing artists . theres no way the performing artist wins . u think jim jones lost to jayz? look this rap shit has always been like wrestling .. there a way to play it out and bait dudes .. still keeping it kayfabe .. trust me its like wrestling and theres nothing u can do about its . ur man buddens broke kayfabe … and u SMARKS out there that think u know more about hiphop than the artists are the real reason why HIPHOP is dying .. to u. THIS IS NOT THE MATRIX .. THIS IS REAL LIFE ..

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    […] Method Man & Redman respond to ?uestlove’s video. […]

  20. slave wit the flyest chain Says:

    Watch the divide and conqueor,rosenberg(slick ass)Give dude some time to breathe.because tomorrow meth and quest will be fighting and rosenberg wll be no where around.

  21. Stoneface Says:

    Why not just call Meth and talk to him about it, as opposed to putting the shit on the net?

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