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Video: Fat Joe: “I went to Angola and didn’t get robbed”

Joe talks about how he went to Angola for two weeks and nobody tried to test him for his shines, which wasn’t the case for Curtis.

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16 Responses to “Video: Fat Joe: “I went to Angola and didn’t get robbed””

  1. BIG STRONG AKA Mr. Duck Ass Nigga Exposer Says:

    Fuck Fat Joe

  2. Big_seth Says:

    *does not visit smacktube.com*

  3. CiCi The Intern Says:


  4. Bill Hu$tle Says:

    * goes to the bathroom*

    *piss still smells like moet from saturday night*

    *walks out with a smile*

  5. D. Billz Says:

    “On the strength of the song’s success DJ Class was signed to Universal Republic, which will release his album “Alameda & ColdSpring” later this year.”

    ^That’s right around the corner, by the 7-11, gas station, and laundromat. Didn’t know he’s from over East. And Chung Mees is right up the street from there, lol.

  6. Beezy aka Rowdy Roddy Pipe Her Says:

    still went to Africa
    still wore the big chain
    right where you got robbed at

  7. Da PartyStarter Says:

    Wassup Nahtives?
    DBillz, Lil Ci-Ci, BH, BH, BS, BS, cOLD, Pap, and all the rest of the squadron.

    How ’bout them Celtics?

    Cleveland vs. Denver…You heard it here first.

    I guess Fat Joe didn’t get robbed. Who the kcuf wants a half eaten Italian hoagie, a pocket full of sewdish fish melted together and a sipped out of bottle of Goya Malta?

  8. Jersey*made*me Says:

    This nigga is fat pussy lips.How you call a nigga twin and shit on his family?

  9. Bill Hu$tle Says:

    yo im confused, is this Philadelphia Freeway 2 a legit album droppin in stores? what happened to free at last?

  10. Da PartyStarter Says:

    # Bill Hu$tle Says:
    May 18th, 2009 at 11:44 am

    yo im confused, is this Philadelphia Freeway 2 a legit album droppin in stores? what happened to free at last?

    Free at Last came out in Dec. 2007. FW2 comes out 2morrow, I think.

    FAL has some HEAT!!!!

  11. Legendary Says:

    Haha, i saw no big bling on him.

  12. Joe Canadian Says:


  13. rrahha Says:

    didn’t the fifty thing happen from an overzealouse fan on stage that then fifty went into the crowd and started beating the breaks off a few heads?! but oh yeah joey won’t concede that he rather run with the bullshit…he’s been around rick ross too much and for too long…

  14. dumb dumb Says:

    I’m still trying to equate how does this equate to being robbed? its more or less a fan jumping on stage as well as many other fans and he happened to get close 50 pushed him and he reached out and grabbed the chain as he was falling.

    Some of you people and this blog starter are short bus material. Its not like he was walking along the streets of angola and some one just punked him for his gear, that’s robbery right their.

  15. mailman Says:

    What this dude fails to mention is that the nigga 50 jumped into the crowd chasing after that nigga without security. Niggas ribs is touching they spine in africa. Hungry people do what it takes to eat. If u fat hoe was there he would have got his shit took too. the only difference is he wouldnt have jumped off the stage after the dude cause his fat ass would have broke his hip, then got stomped in the crowd.

  16. cestert Says:

    You performed for like 10 people and didnt even have your shines on. SO ? your playing yourself joselito.

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