Video: Busta Rhymes – Busta TV (Trailer)

Trailer for Busta TV which will be available on the deluxe edition of Back On My B.S. album dropping May 19th!

Busta Rhymes’ B.O.M.B. drops tomorrow.

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13 Responses to “Video: Busta Rhymes – Busta TV (Trailer)”

  1. D. Billz Says:

    *dapz DPS*

  2. Beezy aka Rowdy Roddy Pipe Her Says:

    I would hate on Buss’ forthcoming album but I know he’s reading this.

  3. Big_seth Says:

    # Da PartyStarter Says:

    I guess Fat Joe didn’t get robbed. Who the kcuf wants a half eaten Italian hoagie, a pocket full of swedish fish melted together and a sipped out of bottle of Goya Malta?


  4. CiCi The Intern Says:

    *daps DPS*

  5. Big Homie Says:

    *daps DPS*

    *humps CiCi*

  6. Bill Hu$tle Says:

    yo im confused, is this Philadelphia Freeway 2 a legit album droppin in stores? what happened to free at last?

  7. CiCi The Intern Says:

    # Big Homie Says:
    May 18th, 2009 at 11:46 am

    *daps DPS*

    *humps CiCi*

    You sure? lol

  8. BIG STRONG AKA Mr. Duck Ass Nigga Exposer Says:

    Nobodys buying Busta’s cd
    Yeah i said it Busta
    Fuck You

  9. D_Block_4_Life aka heat the track up like adobo/sazon/sofrito Says:

    I was disappointed with B.O.M.B.

  10. Joe Canadian Says:


  11. SilkCityP Says:

    # D_Block_4_Life aka heat the track up like adobo/sazon/sofrito Says:
    May 18th, 2009 at 11:59 am

    I was disappointed with B.O.M.B.


    That’s an understatement bruva… that joint is pure trash. Bussa Bus must have had a case of Budden/Nas ears for this album, b/c the beats were awful. Its pretty much a lollipop album. I thought It Ain’t Safe No More was his worst LP, but B.O.M.B. makes that look like a str8 banger

  12. SilkCityP Says:


    * “Watch Ya Mouth” (featuring & produced by Swizz Beatz) — 2:15
    * “I’m Just Gettin’ Warm” (produced by Megahertz) — 3:49
    * “Clear The Air” (featuring Akon & Shabba Ranks) (produced by Dready Beats) — 4:02
    * “Love Me or Hate Me” (produced by Dr. Dre)
    * “Don’t Touch Me (Throw da Water on ’em)” (produced by Grind Music for The Hitmen) — 3:40
    * “Don’t Touch Me (Throw da Water on ’em) (Remix)” (featuring Reek da Villian, Spliff Star, The Game, Lil Wayne, Nas & Big Daddy Kane) (produced by Grind Music for The Hitmen) — 4:56
    * “I Got Bass” (produced by Bangladesh) — 4:26
    * “Throw It Up” (featuring Lil Wayne & Ludacris) (produced by Cool & Dre) — 4:59
    * “If” (featuring Nicole Scherzinger) (produced by Rick Rock)
    * “G-Stro” (featuring Pharrell) (produced by The Neptunes) — 3:41
    * “Right Now” (produced by Dr. Dre, co-produced by Focus…)
    * “Blown” (featuring T-Pain & DJ Khaled) (produced by Cool & Dre) — 5:14
    * “Watch How You Talk” (featuring The Game, Raekwon & Uncle Murda) (produced by Pete Rock, co-produced by Focus…)
    * “Let Me Show You” (produced by DJ Scratch, co-produced by Busta Rhymes)
    * “Hits 4 Days” (feat. J. Holiday) (produced by Dready Beats)
    * “I Just Can’t Leave You Baby” (produced by DJ Green Lantern)
    * “Packin’ Them Things” (produced by Kev Brown) — 3:10
    * “Missle” (produced by Dready Beats) — 3:16
    * “Light Up A Fire” (produced by Don Cannon) — 4:05
    * “Freakin You” (featuring Missy Elliott, & Ne-Yo) (produced by Danja) — 4:05
    * “Can’t Take It” (produced by Dr. Dre) — 2:53
    * “If You Don’t Know” (feat. Big Tigger) (produced by Focus…)

    Look how many good songs Busta left off of B.O.M.B. , not all of them but… Missile, Light Up A Fire, Clear The Air, Don’t Touch Me >>>>> every single song on B.O.M.B.

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