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Video: Just Blaze Talks Nike Sneakers After One Stop Shop Conference

Shouts to Gooch.

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13 Responses to “Video: Just Blaze Talks Nike Sneakers After One Stop Shop Conference”

  1. Black Says:

    Most women have experienced some form of rape/molestation in their lives.


    ^I would’nt say most like the majority but the percentage is probably higher than the average person thinks. That shit is sad fam and it leads me to understand why a lot of these chicks be fucking insane. I fucked with chicks that I know in my heart would start arguments just to get me to hit them or react in a similiar manner. Delve deep into their past and find out that they used mess with some dude that was smacking them and subconsciously they begin to believe thats how love is expressed i.e. Big Pun’s wife.

  2. Big_seth Says:

    Peace folks

  3. Mac Brown aka Montgomery Blaine (classy) Says:

    peace erybody

  4. PW Says:

    Most women have experienced some form of rape/molestation in their lives.


    Im tempted to agree…most of the females ive gotten really cool with have admitted to being raped or molested. At one point i thought It was my calling to be a listening ear for abused women…The damn rape victim whisperer.

  5. wavy is a cliche Says:

    like the beige ones, like the shuwade ones

  6. Voltron Says:


  7. and the winner is.. Says:

    People either love me or they hate me, or they don’t really care. . .

  8. A tribe called quest aka Bitch, Im the space invader Says:

    Em > Pharoah

  9. cornynikewearers Says:

    cmon dont be talkin greezy about air force 1s when u talking like those bullshit ass aggassi are dope

  10. elgindotcom Says:

    thank god someone else admits af1’s are garbage.. if you still wear them, slap yourself. they are the most geneeric shit ever made.. i be hearing people like “yoo.. u seen the such and such af1’s..” i wanna choke em.. like get creative with your styles homie..

  11. Beewirks Says:

    thats my nigga $port right there

  12. ghett0 Says:

    Big up to the homie $port in the video with the “bullshit ass aggassi ” kicks

    Check out http://www.whatupsport.com and look out for the $port Report

    Its good to see people moving away from AF1s, i left back in 2004 or some shit

  13. Just Blaze talks Air Force 1 (Video) | TheShoeGame.com - Sneakers & Information Says:

    […] You probably remember seeing Just Blaze on It’s the Shoes talking about the Hot Lava Air Tech Challenge II. Did you catch the issue of XXL with Just Blaze rocking the Paris SB Dunks? Without a doubt, Just Blaze is a sneakerhead. Check out this short video as Just talks Nike Air Force 1’s and Air Tech Challenge Hybrid. Spotted at NahRight […]

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