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Video: Foundation Fridays #5 – Craig G vs. Necro

For those of you that peeped last week’s installment #4 of Foundation Fridays, you may have noticed Craig G making a very blatant dis to Necro while freestyling during his performance at The Foundation Album Release Party.

Well, you know we couldn’t let that fall by the wayside without investigating what motivated the Juice Crew legend to go at Mr. Psycho + Logical himself. Craig G also drops a dope freestyle….alas, Foundation Friday, Part 5. Don’t forget to support The Foundation which you can cop on iTunes.

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6 Responses to “Video: Foundation Fridays #5 – Craig G vs. Necro”

  1. Barack Oswagga Says:


  2. a-one Says:

    Yeah but that Necro diss “freestyle” is one of the funniest moments in hip hop evar

  3. Alex Says:

    Craig G’s doing this shit for publicity, plain and simple. Nobody gives a fuck about him right now, and “beef” however little it is, is publicity.

    Necro’s a scary dude, and has legitimate underground classics under his belt. Craig G’s rapping about fuckin belt chains in this wack shit, he’s irrelevant. Necro’s probably about where Craig G is at, as far as relevance goes, but atleast Necro’s got that niche market.

    Necro > Craig G

  4. ILLAIM Says:

    “Necro > Craig G”


    Not even close… and really not even debatable

  5. Z Says:

    “craig takes dicks in the ass craig’s dead like nixon, who bought your record, that shit’s a waste of vinyl, sing a long, with a shlong, in ya mouth, craig, get it, ya dead.”

    hahaha, hilarious memories listening to that one on repeat, haha, raw diss, 10years or so on and I can still remember it, -always thought necro was at his best when he was being funny, and the craig g diss was one of his funniest, nice nice, I need to dig that up again.

    I used to like that track cockroaches too, “roaches got they own army generals…” hahaha, funny jew bastard. I’m not jewish I’m Italian, hahah, necrodamus, hahahahahahaaa. He needs to drop the whole metal shtick and come with a straight raw comedy album, the white rap richard pryor, come with the gilbert gotfreid schtick. hahaha.



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