Video: Eminem – Tim Westwood Freestyle

YN got an early look at Westwood’s UK show airing this Friday.

Dre’s Throwback Bonus: Eminem – Tim Westwood Freestyle (2004, over Mobb Deep’s “Got It Twisted”)

Who else could have pulled off that gibberish language part? Wayne?

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24 Responses to “Video: Eminem – Tim Westwood Freestyle”

  1. Dre Says:

    “Hip-hop ain’t been the same since 2Pac moved to Cuba on us/”

  2. Farouq (ya thats my government) aka Nah’s Ving Rames in Baby Boy Says:

    Do People Really believe Pac is alive

  3. Dre Says:

    I don’t but that was a hot line.

  4. AmpGeez a.k.a. Pimpin Don't Fail Me Now Says:

    Do People Really believe Pac is alive?

    Stupid people maybe lol.

  5. A tribe called quest aka Bitch, Im the space invader Says:

    “Hip-hop ain’t been the same since 2Pac moved to Cuba on us/”

    –Dre good looks on the freestyle. I lost that jawn 6months back

  6. Mike Says:

    shady records anit nobody better than us

  7. Farouq (ya thats my government) aka Nah’s Ving Rames in Baby Boy Says:

    Maybe Em bringing Royce into the fold would be a good Look
    and then Em gets Slaughtahouse on Shady?? well that might not work since Joell was already on aftermath but you get my drif.

    Speak on IT!!!!!!

  8. backwardst. Says:

    em the illesttt

  9. blaze22 Says:

    Man..I don’t know what anyone else says but I take what I said about Relapse back.. I’ve been listening to it hardcore the last few days and man its a great album. Not his best but fuck it is good. Glad to have him back

  10. backwardst. Says:

    eminem – stay wide awake . listen to it

  11. sd4thward Says:

    Beast mode! That verse was piff. Good looks on the throwback too. Thats a classic.

    All of this takes me back to the mid to late 90s golden era of hip hop where niggas actually had ciphers on radio shows instead of singing or talking about fabricated beefs.

  12. Seth Gueko Says:

    mr.porter’s verse on this vid is extra dope ! damnnnnnnnn

  13. mailman Says:

    dammm slim shady iz back relapse is awesome!!!

  14. Seth Gueko Says:

    relapse 2 is 2 awesome 2 !!! n classic too

  15. Says:

    3 tracks i skip on the album . everytime . not even dres head snappin beats could make me sit thru insane , my mom .

  16. bigczee Says:

    i got the leaked tracks on my mp3 and ive been listening to it at work……nowere to run is tight,insane,gonja,and same song are also fire songs…..on that nowere to run song 3rd verse…..he dissed up all the horror movies……./fought freddy coogar…and edward sissor hands too…came out with a little scratch,ewww!!!/ that is vintage shady and mad funny

    once people HEAR it……its over……….like the rockets season!!

    (r.i.p) yao ming!!!! haha

  17. NOLAIS504(UPTOWN) Says:


  18. jlloyd18 Says:

    ya em fell off he will only sell like 5 mill this time around dumbass

  19. CHILE ! Says:


    ??? WTF r u talkin bout..

  20. bigczee Says:

    em would kill wayne vocally on any track, anyday….you fool!!!

    that was the dumbest post i ever read

  21. anonymous Says:

    what beat is he rhyming over?

  22. Legendary Says:

    Hahaaa, ! FIRE, RELAPSE is FIRE too , you should cop it, support Hiphop , support Eminem.

    The album is fire, i have the leaked version, but already preorderd the original. Insane is Insane :)

  23. Mr.Londoner Says:

    i think that ‘Em freestyle with D12 was on KISS 100 not Westwood’s show.. but whateva

  24. Brent Says:

    except for the fact that westwood is clearly in the video

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