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Video: Dan Charnas Speaks On Ashergate

Dan Charnas speaks to Jay Smooth about the Asher Roth controversy.

Interview Doctrine: Rap Materialism and Racial Humility
A few bits from a conversation I had with Dan Charnas a couple of weeks ago.Dan also has a book coming out named “The Big Payback’, a history of the hip-hop industry focusing on the business end of things..

Dan Charnas used to work at the Source as well as with Rick Ruben (gave Chino XL his record deal).

Check out Jay Smooth on Twitter.

Previously: Asher Roth and the Racial Crossroads (Ill Doctrine)

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7 Responses to “Video: Dan Charnas Speaks On Ashergate”



  2. restlove Says:

    I stand by this interview and say good for you white person….for understanding one more then many other white persons…

  3. The marv Says:

    I think Jay Smooth just single handedly ended Asher Roth’s career…..in 5 min. flat, wow

  4. bruce_dickenson Says:

    good post, Dan sounds like a smart dude.

  5. Mr.Londoner Says:

    jay smooth for president

  6. chronwell Says:

    Yea there is no post racial era, that dont mean white hiphop ppl gotta have a muzzle on but they just gotta get like Dan and undrstand the history. Maybe Asher feels a little entitled cuz of his connections to the Tall Israelis who runnin this rap sh*t!

  7. arson Says:

    wow. this was very articulate. don charnas is now the man. good lookin NR!

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