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Nero – Underground


Yeah, over the Relapse beat.

Nero – Underground

Alive & Vibrant: Propaganda coming soon.

Previously: Nero & The Cool Kids – Hammer Bros. (RMX)

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12 Responses to “Nero – Underground”

  1. Young BD used to bring work out of town on the China Bus Says:

    Why does this picture look like 1982? I like it though…LOL

  2. cMac Says:

    can somebody say soup coolers?

  3. Beezy aka Rowdy Roddy Pipe Her Says:

    *watches Rome burn* (c) Nero

  4. cMac Says:

    lol @ hoopz sex tape having a clock in the background. It’s 2:46 niggaaa



  6. - keka - Says:

    ok, i guess…. not impressive tho..

  7. BIG STRONG AKA Mr. Duck Ass Nigga Exposer Says:

    Not a Cam stan but Cookies and some Apple juice is a catchy track

  8. Da PartyStarter Says:


    We got GOT!! We was hood-winked, bamboozled AND led astray!!!

    “Wass Wrong with yew?!?!?” (c) Cleveland Brown

    *My bad, sorry about the protocal slip up*

  9. Wolverine Says:

    you already know what it is man, im here.
    wolverine on deck.
    claws on deck.
    anger on deck.
    violence on deck.
    let’s get get get it!!!!

  10. sleep Says:

    I still can’t get that j.cole mixtape shit aint fair

  11. PHENOMENON Says:

    Hmm, comparing the R+ to Air Yeezy’s??????

  12. - keka - Says:

    missed the j. cole mixtape??? when was that? and.. how was it?

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