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Asher Roth ft. Ludacris – I Love College (Remix)


Asher Roth ft. Ludacris – I Love College (Remix)

Props to Shake.

Bonus: Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg w/ La La (@CiphaSounds on Twitter)

Hit the jump for another shot of Ludacris with Tony Parker’s wife dukes.


At the White House Correspondent’s Dinner (?)

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17 Responses to “Asher Roth ft. Ludacris – I Love College (Remix)”


    La La > Eva L.

  2. Jersey*made*me Says:

    *undresses the mature lady with my eyeballs*

    *double d’s hit her knee caps*

    *is nasty nigga*

    *still smashes*

  3. Big Homie Says:


    Giggity goooooooooooo

  4. Seth Gueko Says:

    grown simba >
    ayo, the new generation lives, after blu, b.o.b, wale and drake
    j.cole is the newest and fifth new big cats in da game
    roc nation will be the ish. enjoy this sampler-mixtape here.
    j.cole – the warm up
    @sleep, zshare.net/download/512018587f86010d/

  5. TheCo!!inB Says:

    La La is a smart girl.

  6. TheCo!!inB Says:

    @ Gueko
    is that the actual tape he’s been hyping or just randomness?



    Shout Out, Don Magic Juan! …im gettin a bitch drunk off this 1.

  8. "A" Chick Le Fleur Says:

    That link is dead yo. Thanks anyway.

  9. cOLD Says:

    for all the Cam stans here, how come no one questioned what “cookies and applejuice” means. Is Cam into scat porn?

  10. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    *reluctantly listens cuz of luda*

    gasher, you still suck. scrout.

  11. ant Says:


  12. Jersey*made*me Says:

    That link is dead yo. Thanks anyway.

    Erectile dysfunction?

  13. Seth Gueko Says:

    @The Co!!
    it’s the tape
    a j.cole’s tape yea
    it’s the pre-mixtape
    maybe not the retail
    out probably soon but listen
    u have the warn up front n back covers on it

  14. D_Block_4_Life aka heat the track up like adobo/sazon/sofrito Says:

    @ Cold

    You heard that Game shit? How about the Ross and Game shit that will have Nas on it by the end of the week?

  15. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    Never Before Seen Photos: Jay-Z’s Rocawear R+ Evolution vs Kanye’s Nike Air Yeezy’s


    them shits aint original. thas a clae carbon copy w/air force bottoms. and how complex gonna call its credibility into question by seriously entertaining a vote betwix the two? i love the black pair but the G i is will not allow me to rock shit with a rappers name on it.

  16. Seth Gueko Says:

    dont panik homie

  17. Seth Gueko Says:

    new link zshare.net/download/512018587f86010d/

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