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Video: How Bun B Keeps His Yeezy’s Clean

Them shits is fuego and that footage quality is dope as fuck.

Spotted @ the KanyeUniverseCity blog.

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13 Responses to “Video: How Bun B Keeps His Yeezy’s Clean”


    Zach Wolfe goes in on the quality of his videos.

  2. Premier Says:

    Og jordans >>>> yeezys

  3. kevfresco de talco Says:

    “the last bird flew da coop….I lose the roof…..ain’ nothin but the wind in my hair……I m not bullet proof I’m fully proved that you can make it here……..all that livin faaaast …..it ain’t got to laaaaaast……but I ain’t slowin doooown……cuz I’m sittin on top of the world and I’m not comin down………..


    do remember……..

    myspace.com/rawspillage/or blackargo

  4. Billy Kincaid Says:

    Them joints look like some spaceships. They cool, but I like a more slimline look on my feet.

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  6. Young Nipsey Russell Says:

    I see my man Kay Slay got contacts and shit…wait…what? That’s who? Oh Bun B? Word.

  7. belz Says:

    yo, i’m sorry those look like fucking clown shoes.

    they look like maybe what people who JUST checked into an asylum wear.


  8. Huh? U Gay 2.0 Says:

    Throwback pennies>>>>>>>Yeezys

  9. YouAlreadyKnowWhoItIs Says:

    Great footage!

  10. jb Says:

    wow, those shoes sicken me.

    look like a pair of deflated jordan 12’s. yikes.

    kanye should stick to….being gay. he’s better at that.

  11. e.e.r. Says:

    kanye is best at putting fish sticks in his mouth.

  12. pecachon Says:

    What a f’ing retard.

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