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Video: Star & Buc Wild on Diddy & Russell Simmons

Previously: Star & Buc Wild Discuss Joe Budden vs. Ransom (Video)

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9 Responses to “Video: Star & Buc Wild on Diddy & Russell Simmons”

  1. yaboy Says:

    thoughts on the new Cam joint? i think its solid.. the tracks that leaked are the best on there so far imo..

  2. Ghost Writer Says:

    Kill kill kill kill

  3. yaboy Says:

    fucking a retard > star and buc wild

  4. dorian gray Says:

    Copied, collated filed >>>> star and buc wild

  5. k1ng Says:

    Medicine Ball knocks



    that track goes hard!

  6. FaMs! Says:

    FaMs! Says:

    May 8th, 2009 at 2:19 pm

    It don’t matta who ya iz mizz, could git da bizness (c) Jae Millz

  7. k1ng Says:

    i saved all the cassie pics:)

  8. Ex-Slave Says:

    These 2 guys used to be a massive draw for me to come to NY back in the day. Loved their show. This is just trash now. Plus Buckwild is a talentless dancer just emphasising words. Rubbish.

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