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Video: Rick Ross – Sky Might Fall

After the jump, Rawse tries to defend the “got a letter/said Trick got AIDS but tell everybody it’s Lupus” line.

I feel like over the last year.. everybody who was halfway down praying on the boss’ downfall, gonna have to answer to that.

That’s why it’s always best to be 100 from the jump, be real from the jump. People I show respect to ain’t got nothing to do with money and power and fame, or if you hot right now, selling right now. I just keep it 100. It is what it is, and we gonna wait and see.

Yup, just like you did last summer. Oh wait.


Rick Ross & DJ Khaled On Power 105.1 w/ Ed Lover

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10 Responses to “Video: Rick Ross – Sky Might Fall”

  1. ridalen Says:

    nigga readin his lyrics off of a restaurant menu.

  2. EnglandRepresent Says:

    *daps Killi and Pock*

  3. teddy Says:

    word? keep it 100? from the jump? you? sheeeiiiit ma fucker

  4. The Blog Bully Says:

    Pigs Might Fly = more appropiate name

  5. IrelandRepresent Says:

    Ha! Mr. RR Fooled Ye should be this clowns new name. Actually drop the Mr. Just RR Fooled Ye, that’s what I will call from now on!!!

  6. bxcapo Says:

    keep it 100 from the jump you been lying ever since you got on nigga, frontin , lying to the whole industry

  7. bxcapo Says:

    you niggas is the biggest cornballs khalid and ross

  8. gregston Says:

    Ed Lover looked kinda mad haha

  9. young hot Says:

    If every word he spit on DTR and previous heat was “TRUE” coupled with the dope music he puts out then ol Ricky would actually be the hottest dude in the game right now. Even if he’s a premium swagger jacker

  10. random fellow Says:

    cudi version <—- rawse version

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