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Video: Eminem feat. 50 Cent – Crack A Bottle (50’s Verse)

Previously: Video: Eminem – Crack A Bottle (Em’s Verse)

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8 Responses to “Video: Eminem feat. 50 Cent – Crack A Bottle (50’s Verse)”

  1. Mag Says:

    In his teens, Walker became a dealer, making a reputation for himself on the westside of Atlanta. It is this lifestyle that garnered him the reputation as being the King of Bankhead.

    By the age of 17, Walker had fathered his first child. He now has a total of nine children; seven girls and two boys.[2] After over a decade of hustling and drug dealing, Walker decided to turn his attention to music.


  2. Mag Says:

    Yo has Killa been seen in D.C since the incident?

  3. salvia blunts Says:


  4. Mr.Londoner Says:

    Different.. the bad kind..

    we really needed to see the 3 headed monster together on a vid

  5. Tai Rice Says:

    I have a couple of simple questions for everyone at Nah Right. Everyone has their own opinions. I just want to be able to understand other points of view.

    Many people mention Eminem’s “voice” when he does certain songs. I can hear the voice that people are mentioning, but he has used that voice since The Slim Shady EP. His flow and voice change depending on the song. Sometimes he uses the “Just Lose It” voice and that is the one people are talking about. (Although this is not the same as the Triumph, the Dog voice he used on “Ass Like That”) Sometimes it’s the “The Way I Am” voice. Other songs he has been known to use different voices. What bothers you with his voice that doesn’t bother you when Lil’ Wayne raps in his voice? DMX? Papoose? Or even Plies? Is it consistency of voice on their parts and not Eminem?

    Understandably, Encore was not a great lyrical album. He reused the same song formats from previous albums and made it more cartoonish than it should have been. However, when compared to Rick Ross, Lil’ Wayne, Drake, and Cam’ron (I took the most blogged about names off the top of my head) he still is lyrically better from the 7 songs on Relapse than they are on their latest works. This is my personal opinion, but I believe a majority can agree with that statement. In terms of greatness, what are you expecting from Eminem? If you’re expecting him to be the next Jordan, then say so. If you think he’s a starter who’s playing like a scrub, then admit it. If you think he’s a scrub who is getting starter minutes or even All-Star consideration, let’s hear it. If he’s too inconsistent with his material then let me know that too.

  6. Hmm... Says:

    That one thing to think about

  7. kedordu@gmail.com Says:

    tai rice .. i heard relapse and heard rick ross music … take em for what they are .. and if u cant see that DTR is actually better than relapse i dunno what to tell u .

    it not about lyrics flow .. its about the whole package . the concept of the record . rickross delivered on the concept of being deeper than rap . living the live , usual suspects , cigar music, magnificent and maybach music 2 alone make deeper than rap worth the purchase . the concept of relapse was wasted in eminems effort . if u compare it with eminems ability and past efforts .. how can u deny that the album is disappointing? he had sucha a big ass chance to make a classic record . but ironically the album was way too generic and formularic to the shock rap genre .. rick ross wasnt at all . he prolly went over his budget to make deeper than rap . and the production on that album shits on relapse .
    i gave aftermath the benefit of the doubt and thought they were playin us all like puppets with the leaks .. (relapse has been leaked too) . WOULDA BEEN A STROKE OF PURE GENIUS IF RELAPSE WAS A FREE MIXTAPE . EMINEM STILL HAS THAT OPPORTUNITY TO DO SO NOW THE ALBUM HAS LEAKED . BUT ITS ALL ABOUT THE DOLLAR FOR INTERSCOPE ..

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