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PICS: Jay-Z’s Rocawear R+ Sneaker


I was just over at Gotty’s and I came across these teaser shots of Jay’s new Rocawear branded R+ sneaker which are due out some time next month.

I can’t imagine any circumstance under which I’d purchase a Rocawear sneaker in any form, but I don’t think these are too bad. They’re at least better than those Filas Gnozir was hawking last year.

Detailed shot after the jump.


Oh, and Takeover > Ether

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40 Responses to “PICS: Jay-Z’s Rocawear R+ Sneaker”

  1. Lan Says:

    rae = top 5 doa

  2. Beezy Says:

    another poor shoe by young hov

  3. EnglandRepresent Says:

    These don’t look too bad but they’d never get copped.

    Brooklyn Mint > Rocawear

    Oh shit Dan!!!!! You would not be a happy chappy this evening innit???!!! I was watching, blatent handball in the box, no penalty and as soon as it went up the other end and Essien could only got a leg to the loose ball in the area and it then fell to Iniesta, I knew the game was up. Drogba damn near slapped the ref at the end. Hate to say it but Chelski deserved to win.

  4. esco Says:

    they look like a poor mans nike RT1s…

    Air Yeezys > Nike RT1 > Rocawear R+

  5. Trill Smith a.k.a The Fresh Prince of the South Says:

    Don’t lie to yourself those filas>>>the R+
    Jay-z stealin shit from nike now? as if Biggie and Young chris weren’t enough

  6. Huh? U Gay 2.0 Says:

    Rae tape a good appetizer…but it aint gonna last longer than a month though..

  7. eskay Says:

    I fuck with them RT1’s over the Yeezy’s but the Yeezy’s are more epic.

  8. A tribe called quest aka Bitch, Im the space invader Says:


  9. eskay Says:

    >>Don’t lie to yourself those filas>>>the R+

    not in this universe.

    oh and Takeover > Ether

  10. Big Homie Says:

    I owned a pair of S Dots back in the day

  11. Beezy Says:

    I gotta research the official release date because the lines for these are gonna be crazy!

    Great shoe!


  12. eskay Says:

    I wasn’t mad at the S.Dot’s when they first dropped, but I can’t really do Reeboks and they didn’t stand the test of time at all.

  13. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Jay-z stealin shit from nike now? as if Biggie and Young chris weren’t enough

    ^^Co-signal. SMH.

  14. eskay Says:

    Jay-Z stole Biggie from Nike?

  15. Huh? U Gay 2.0 Says:

    They aint ugly..just really really pointless….and Im pretty sure Jay wasn’t in the drawing room designing em…he just wrote his sig on em..

  16. HombreNegro Says:

    Oh, and Takeover > Ether



  17. The Shot Clock aka servin through my burglar bars Says:

    Drogba damn near slapped the ref at the end. Hate to say it but Chelski deserved to win.


    Nah, if you was watching that and didnt know Barc was gona pull out a W you blind. The ref screwed Chels on a couple penalties but fact is, they left the door wide open and all Barc needed was one. I was surprised it was Iniesta cos I thought he had done a terrible job of fillin Henry’s shoes.

    Chelsea deserved that L for not closin the door.

  18. YBE Says:

    Oh, and Takeover > Ether

    ^^^ Y-E-S-S-S-I-R

  19. TC Says:

    Oh, and Takeover > Ether


    All day everyday and everday all day.

  20. Braaaaap Says:

    Takeover > Ether


    Anyone claiming its not?

  21. Deano Says:

    In ya’ll minds like Pharell, Takeover > Ether…the intro alone before NYC Finest went in…

    a.k.a ‘The Surgeon General of Hip Hop’

  22. Deano Says:

    I know you ain’t talking bout me…LMAO…You what..please…I still fing he lost blood

  23. ATL Says:

    nike boot x supra skytops

  24. ZTGiby Says:

    what did he steal from young chris? i aint up on his junt

  25. S.Dot Says:

    my name > these joints

  26. UNORIGINAL Says:

    eat a dick eskay u cum guzzling queen, ether is a beast and ur a fucking lil hipster bitch

  27. iStax Says:

    If these shits came out bout 6 years ago when rocawear was poppin these shits would get copped….other then that rocawear sneaks are fuckin lame….Its The Roc!!!!

  28. bliz Says:

    He DID lose the Complex Style War to a cat that designs better shit anyway. These jawns amount to a fail but you can’t tell these young nigs nothing about style.

  29. Fr3ddy P. AKA Rico Says:

    Jay-Z stole Biggie from Nike?

    ^I’m dying right now

  30. Fr3ddy P. AKA Rico Says:

    and yeah Takeover > Ether. When I was in jr high I was going for Nas but E shit anyone coulda said what he said, that was like cuttin ass in the lunchroom. Takeover on the other hand, he smacked him with TRUTH not opinion.

  31. AO Says:

    why were these made?

    and yes, Takeover > Ether

  32. prophecy_projectz Says:

    They’re at least better than those Filas Gnozir was hawking last year.
    They look practically the same.

  33. The Truth... Says:

    >>> Takeover > Ether

    You guys are buggin out loud…….I know you’re playin

  34. RollyForbs Says:

    so eskay, why do you use every hov post that has the possibility to make him look corny to take a shot at NaS? Esco must have turned down your gay advances….AGAIN!! and those actually look like the filas too…so this gives you the opportunity to post another like about NaS so you have a reason to stare at his pic…and undress him with your eyes!!

  35. JB Says:

    jay stans always say takeover was “all facts”

    nothing in there is true

    tell me what in there was true

  36. Dmuny Says:

    dam eskay your opinion b mad biased

  37. Hip Hop Let Me Down Says:

    Co-Sign Takeover >Ether. And also the beat for Takeover >>>>Ether. Nas can’t pick beats to save his marriage.

  38. RollyForbs Says:

    i love jigga (no broke back), but you niggas wiggin out…EVERYBODY knows that ether is better…that’s why hov dick riders like eskay can’t let it go…Jay is 10x more sucessful and has HUNDREDS of millions more dollars…but yall still cant accept the fact that NaS won the battle!!

  39. chea Says:

    show me whatchu got video, kicks in the begining > these

  40. DeHere Says:

    why do people keep copying the uptown design and calling it “new”…nigga if I want a shoe like that I’ll just go cop the original shit…and not look like a fucking cornball wearing knockoff shit in the process

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