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Naledge feat. Rus Soul – Star Struck


Naledge will be dropping the Chicago Picasso mix CD (Hosted by Mick Boogie, RTC & DJ Timbuck2) on June 30th via Duck Down Records. It’ll will feature appearances by Bun B, Chip Tha Ripper, Jay Electronica, Mickey Factz, Mick Luter, Rhymefest, Carlita Durand, Curren$y, J Ivy, Russoul, Doe Boy, GLC & Fooch and production by Double-O, Tha Bizness, Picnic Tyme, Sa Ra Creative Partners, FDNY, Xcel, Analogic, Black Spade, SC, MStacks, Nez & Rio.

I wanted to show all aspects of Chicago, not just one sound. For a long time we’ve seen a specific side of Chicago Rap, but this mix cd provides new perspective.
The point of the mixtape was to open the vault and let the fans in on the wealth of solo material that I have recorded. I look at this mixtape more as a collection of art that I have made over time. Each song is its own original statement and with the help of Timbuck2 and RTC we have made the thoughts behind each of the songs more cohesive.
I have worked with some of the most creative people in my city, many of which I have known since childhood and that made this project all that more personal. That includes visual artists, poets, singers and emcees. People included in this proect who aren’t from Chicago were either from my time living in St. Louis, or they were people I met recording Kidz In The Hall’s “In Crowd” in New York City.
I wouldn’t call this a mixtape so much as an exhibit…hence the name Chicago Picasso. The same way Pablo Picasso created a commissioned statue that has sat downtown in Chicago for years of interpretation; I want this mixtape to float the same way.

Listen: Naledge feat. Rus Soul – Star Struck (Produced by Sa-Ra)

More info here. Naledge’s Chicago Picasso’s track list is after the jump.

1) “Intro/Some Shit That I Wrote” with DJ Timbuck2
2) “In My Own World” f/ Fooch & Mick Luter (produced by Picnic Tyme)
3) “Standing On Sofas” f/ Chip Tha Ripper (produced by FDNY)
4) “Focus” f/ Rhymefest (produced by Xcel)
5) “Southside Sh*t” f/ Fooch & GLC (produced by Analogic)
6) “Cleveland Freestyle” (produced by Double-O)
7) “Lovin’ My Life” (produced by Black Spade)
8) “Cool Relax” f/ Jay Electronica (produced by Double-O)
9) “Viva El Fantastico” f/ Mickey Factz (produced by Nez & Rio)
10) “Round and Round” (produced by Picnictyme)
11) “It Is What It Is” Part 1 (produced by Ammo)
12) “The Beat Goes On” f/ Carlita Durand (produced by Black Spade)
13) “Blessed By God” f/ A. Pinks (Produced by Analogic)
14) “I Don’t Even Know You” Freestyle (produced by SC)
15) “Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous” (produced by Nez and Rio)
16) “Star Struck” f/ Rus Soul (produced by Sa-Ra Creative Partners)
17) “Crazy” (produced by Tha Bizness)
18) “Brother’s Keeper” f/ Vic Spencer
19) “Futuristic Sh*t” f/ Vandylism (produced by Nez & Rio)
20) “Look At Them Hips” (remix) f/ Doe Boy, Bun B, & Curren$y (produced by MStacks)

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20 Responses to “Naledge feat. Rus Soul – Star Struck”



  2. Lauren Londons Cunt Rag.... Says:



    KILLA!: Back in Living Color, a Rapper With a History Takes the Stage (His Mom, Too)


  4. Lauren Londons Cunt Rag.... Says:

    Major pause on that smiley face with the shades on the track list.

  5. Bill Hu$tle Says:

    Shout out to my niggas NEZ and RIO…their beats are a problem!!! Fresh Academy stand up!

  6. G7 Says:

    feels like a Sunday in here today

  7. Farouq (ya thats my government) aka Nah’s Ving Rames in Baby Boy Says:

    I fuck with Sa-Ra this shit sounds dope

    Cool Relax” f/ Jay Electronica (produced by Double-O)

  8. Lauren Londons Cunt Rag.... Says:

    feels like a Sunday in here today
    I’m used to ready a lot of comments on here, what’s going on?


    It only got worse when Cam’ron introduced Vado, a rapper from his new crew, the U.N. Normally, there’s no better way to poke at your old friends than by showing up with new ones, and Cam’ron’s relationships with Jim Jones and Juelz Santana, his former associates in the Diplomats (or Dipset), remain bitter.


  10. Lauren Londons Cunt Rag.... Says:

    i meant reading

  11. dorian gray Says:

    What up nahgas? Pete Rosenberg is going to be doing a DJ set in Chicago in a couple weeks. I’ve never heard him. Is it worth my time?

  12. david blacKham Says:

    Naledge Reign Supreme

  13. Big Homie Says:

    Is that show Divorce Court on television now? If so, Im hearing Pinky is on it.

  14. PHENOMENON Says:

    Pornstar Pinky??

  15. Lauren Londons Cunt Rag.... Says:

    Pinky has a nice cunt.

  16. Big Homie Says:

    Yea I think so…I know it aint Pinky from Pinky & the Brain

  17. chronwell Says:

    Statik flipped this beat on Saigon’s EP!

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