Lloyd Banks – I’ll B Back + Reborn (No DJ)


Two more tracks sans Whoo Kid courtesy of Shake.

Lloyd Banks – I’ll B Back (No DJ)

Lloyd Banks – Reborn (No DJ)

Previously: Lloyd Banks – I Get Around + Real Recognize Real (ft. Jay Rock) (No DJ)

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2 Responses to “Lloyd Banks – I’ll B Back + Reborn (No DJ)”

  1. k1ng Says:

    so it’s official drake signs with universal.

  2. EnglandRepresent Says:

    The only geezer I haven’t seen is Jay. I’ve tried, but the tickets either 1) move to quickly or 2) cost too much.

    ^^*daps* I haven’t seen Jay either. Not too fussed though, I stay in Australia, it’s a hot, arid, country, I see camels all the time. It’s whatever.

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