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Video: Joell Ortiz Interview w/ XXL

Looking forward to Joell’s next project, should be some crazy shit.

Previously: Video: Joell Ortiz In The Studio With Sean C & LV | Video: Joell Ortiz feat. Mr. Probz – Never Sleep << Dope, Must see

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9 Responses to “Video: Joell Ortiz Interview w/ XXL”

  1. D. Billz Says:


  2. Voltron Says:

    i can tell that Ray Allen is gonna be on fire today.

  3. jimmy valentime Says:

    ;; give 911 terrorist fist jab::

    ::ends up on fox news as enemy of the state;;

  4. rex hussla Says:

    Don’t call it a comeback…’cause it isn’t one just yet.

    Just a month after Rihanna was booked for her first public performance since her alleged assault by Chris Brown, the show has been abruptly scrapped.

    The 21-year-old R&B star had been scheduled to perform later this month in the United Arab Emirates. But Yassin Matbouly, of would-have-been concert organizer Vibe Entertainment Management Agency, said in a statement that she’s not yet ready to return to the stage.

    “We want to share with you that Rihanna and her management will not be accepting to hold a public concert at this time as it is not appropriate timing for her,” he said.

  5. Beezy Says:

    silencers and calibers ….I do it louder brah
    sledge hammer smash his melon im the black gallagher


  6. Beezy Says:

    heres an order black
    be a quarterback
    take a hike

  7. esoterica Says:

    What’s the disease/ailment called when you succumb to the idea of going raw on a chick, swear to every diety/god/yourself you’d never do it again. And wait for it….

    You do it again. And again. et al. Not like that though, just like semi-annually. All the other times you’re gortex’d out.

    But you always sware down, you won’t anymore.

  8. Seth Gueko Says:

    saigon & just blaze (unreleased for the moment)
    nas & preemo (that’s necessary for hiphop)
    ortiz & hitmen (the free agent ep soon)
    this is it, great thang !!!!
    if these albums coming
    that’s classic !

  9. esoterica Says:

    jimmy valentime Says:

    May 4th, 2009 at 8:17 pm
    ;; give 911 terrorist fist jab::

    ::ends up on fox news as enemy of the state;;

    ^>Jimmy V is banished to the ayo corner, for faggotry henceforth, until further notice.

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