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Video: Max B & French Montana Interview w/ Jenny Boom Boom

Max B’s trial is starting Monday May 4th. Max talks about whether he thinks he’ll be found guilty, and the 30 years he might face. Max says “be ready for the verdict” and calls the media “scavengers”. Max also says he doesn’t think he’s accomplished anything in his career while French Montana comments on up and coming rappers and calls other ones “old and washed up”. French discusses his deal with Akon and says he thought a NY rapper like Hov or 50 would’ve snatched him up. French also talks about how he’ll keep Max alive in the streets if he goes to jail while Max says he “might just shut everything down”.

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9 Responses to “Video: Max B & French Montana Interview w/ Jenny Boom Boom”

  1. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Damn. Hatton got banjaxed by Pacqy. lol. I admire Hatton’s tenacity as a fighter but he’s too much of a brawler. Pacqy had him sown up in that fight.

    These two muppets are gash flaps incidentally.

  2. Latest Songs Says:

    french montana keeps it lock’d

    i think that guy is on tha come uppp

  3. Cloud Hopper Says:

    the wave incarnate

  4. Cloud Hopper Says:

    The W A V E incarnate

  5. Cloud Hopper Says:

    how dare that white devil disrespect the wave!

  6. crisis Says:


    30 years, that is cold
    max will be 61 by the time he gets out
    that butthole will be in everyones sights in the pen (no homo for me, yes homo for the cats locked up)

  7. kenny Says:

    theyre always fucked up

  8. Mr. Papagiorgio Says:

    where the hell is everybody?

  9. Seth Gueko Says:

    MAX B >>> fRENCH montana
    but french is good (no homo)
    mAX biggaveLI is the best flow’er out !
    THE WAVIEST OF ALL (times) !


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