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Video: Curtis Reworking BISD, 70% New Material

Tim Kash: Before I Self Destruct, you completed it a while back. How different is it now than it was before?
Curtis: It’s about 30 percent of what I had when I felt like I was finished.
Tim Kash: What’s the biggest change in it?
Curtis: The production. Dre made a lot more music that’s on the actual album. I rewrote some concepts, cuz to me sometimes, it would sound like I’m absolutely out my mind if I play you the music. But it gets dated because I’ve been playing it to myself for so long that I’m no longer as excited as I was when wrote it for the first time. So I’m making new material and adding it to the actual project.
Tim Kash: You always like to write about stuff that’s current and up-to-date, what are you writing about right now.
Curtis: I’ve been doing conceptually doing some things that directly apply to the initial concept of Before I Self Destruct and I wrote, produced, and directed my first screenplay. It’ll actually be in the album packaging, so you get the DVD when you get the actual album. I just wanted to make sure my fans have the opportunity to see my first [full length directorial] effort. It allowed me to create cause and effect. A lot of times when a song is three minutes you can only make descriptions of actions. You can’t create reason for why a person would do something like that or how it could happen.

I doubt Curtis’ “directorial skills” have improved much since the horrible Funeral Music video, when Curtis decided to direct videos himself.

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15 Responses to “Video: Curtis Reworking BISD, 70% New Material”

  1. Voltron Says:

    The Ecstatic

  2. Theo. Says:


    Well I hope so because if he’s going continue in that shitty *I GET IN, GET UP* direction I’m throwing in the towel on Fif…Ross (lying or not) RAWSE is making better music than Fif right now…

  3. The Shot Clock aka servin through my burglar bars Says:

    dont nobody care about curtis’ music

  4. kintell Says:

    I doubt Curtis’ “directorial skills” have improved much since the horrible Funeral Music video, when Curtis decided to direct videos himself and DanTheMan (director of all those dope RadioPlanet.tv videos) left him.

    (Hmmm, DanTheMan’s interview from earlier today seems to have been taken down…)

    ^^^nigga what?curtis sure gets niggas mad for no reason.

  5. herbal kint Says:

    Hoskins Says:
    May 4th, 2009 at 9:41 pm
    Carmelo is the most Hip-Hop dude in the NBA. With LeBron at #2

    … apparently you have never heard of ron artest …


    now compare that ron artest video to this one and tell me whose more hip-hop


  6. Dre Says:

    50’s music > videos that 50 has directed.

    That’s FACT.

    And I like Massacre.

  7. GorillaJoe Says:

    Come on bro niggas know the deal, you underestimated Deeper Than Rap, finally heard the shit and the spidey senses went off in terms of the future of your rap career if you don’t make something slightly more solid than that Curtis shitsandwich you tried to pass for a third album…MUNGKEY

  8. The Shot Clock aka servin through my burglar bars Says:

    And I like Massacre.


    there were some gems on there….Get in My Car was my shit

  9. jimmy valentime Says:

    @ dre

    My friend prod on that album

    Bless the dead …

  10. ThatDude Says:

    lol @ 50… dude has to put his dvd out with his cd… lost his name big time.

  11. GorillaJoe Says:

    And I like Massacre.

    Ski Mask Way, Rider Music, Baltimore Love Thing

    I mean, 50’s good for a few bangers per album but damn what about the rest of the project? Can we get some consistency out of this overrated mungkey?

  12. damnshame Says:

    BISD ).crime pays

  13. Micheal Tyson aka admiration is the farthest thing from understanding Says:

    youz a mungkey

  14. JDre Says:

    Dre producing the whole album this time around..50 Bout to deliver this summer

  15. GemsOfGemz Says:

    i actually wanna hear 50 new album

    but as of right now camron’s crime pays may be the only album i might actually not illegally download and buy

    jadakiss & joe budden only other albums i paid for

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