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Video: Curtis, Dre & Em In The Studio In Detroit

But before that, 50 shows off how many stans fans showed up for his video game signing. Anybody who shows up to a signing is a stan in my book so don’t take that as a shot at Curtis.

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19 Responses to “Video: Curtis, Dre & Em In The Studio In Detroit”

  1. BIG STRONG AKA Mr. Duck Ass Nigga Exposer Says:


  2. Digital scales Says:

    I went to 2 Noreaga signings in one day when he dropped Melvin Flynt, just saying

  3. k1ng Says:

    50’s a fool fuh real.

  4. ant Says:

    does eminem have a contract wit team jordan? i never seen em in anything else (pause)

  5. sleep Says:

    Jason bay= new yankee killa

  6. sleep Says:

    He couldn’t afford jordan as a yungin so he’s making up for it.

    »»»Jordan clothing

  7. mr. 2 step Says:

    Eminem must have ordered all those caps and shoes off eastbay or something. He stays with jordan gear. Who’s trying to buy 80 dollar sweat pants and 60 dollar workout shirts?

  8. MJ Says:

    you guys think em isn’t getting paid for rockin Jordan all the time.. smh

  9. Scotty Rock Says:

    He’s designed two shoes through Jordan and quite a few through Nike.

    There’s the Eminem Encore IV’s and the Eminem II’s.

  10. ZDavi Says:

    NahRight LIte
    Big Sean X KiD CuDi Rollin Rmx
    Youtube user IllmaticYoungin took the time to mix all three of their verses together and recently Big Sean posted a version with just him and Cudder.

    ^^ wow my mix made it to nahright somehow someway lol

  11. 40 Inc Says:

    dre on camrea? HISTORY

  12. 40 Inc Says:

    well in the studio

  13. KThundo Says:

    biggest curtis stans = nahright staffers

  14. MONEY MAKIN Says:

    Kinda dope to see 50 using a JoeBuddenTV type shit, but with going into a big ass studio with Dre, good to see. Maybe 50’s learning after all.

  15. kidcapo Says:

    Oh shit fifty eatin chips! lol hilarious clip…checkin out eminems wack fitted collection is also a high point lol

  16. Xenophon Says:

    “There it is, ladies and gentlemen…..the shitter…..*flush*”


  17. Seth Gueko Says:

    RELAPSE BIDS RELAPSE 2 and DETOX Chronic 2010 !

  18. rrahha Says:

    he has more fans at a video game signing than officer william roberts had at his album signing…..i’m just saying!

  19. LAWL Says:

    People that show up to signings are stans yet dude on here STANS the shit out of Cam’ron, self inflicted fail to yourself.

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