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Video: LoJ on Loud Favorites

Bonus: LoJ ft. AC & Quan Doe – Bar Wars (Star Wars)

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26 Responses to “Video: LoJ on Loud Favorites”

  1. D. Billz Says:

    # eskay Says:
    May 2nd, 2009 at 2:38 pm

    >>I dig cities with a strong dance culture.

    ol Alvin Ailey looking ass nigga

    ^Nah, they gotta go hard though (nh):

    ATL (sometimes, but them songs be triddash)
    Da Bay

    Plus I bet I’ll make your wifey pop, lock and drop it.

  2. Danielson a.k.a. I love a pretty bitch but my Range looks gorgeous Says:

    yo anyone know when that juelz santana joint is gonna leak in cdq, cos ive only got a webrip, its good quality 320kbps but its got the stupid video intro noise etc.

    days of our lives > silky (no homo)

  3. eskay Says:

    >>Plus I bet I’ll make your wifey pop, lock and drop it.


  4. The Conoseisseur Says:

    This kid has talent. Look forward to hearing more of him.

  5. blkpwr79 Says:

    YO! That BONUS Star Wars song is k-razy!! Am I the only 1 that actually clicked the link?!? Great idea spittin over Darth Vaders theme..all 3 mc’s killed it.

  6. Love The Doe Says:

    “Is there a such thing as utopia, when you a little girl in Cambodia, and different old men stay boning ya, child prostitution sicker than pneumonia…”…that first verse was crazy.

  7. Crispy Crespo Says:

    Mickey Factz…J.Cole…heard LoJ is next in line. Hova is moving quick.

  8. Diff-Set Says:

    My yung son spit flame-o’s….he aint talkin about the rest a this non-sense that all these lames do. he speakin on a higher level, thinkin on a hi-er level, and his shit cumn out way hotter then these other cats. i look for him to soar sumtime here in the near future. and he got his collar popp’d. so u no he got swag. lol. holla

  9. Larry's Got Birds Says:

    Crispy Crespo–where’d you hear that? I saw that on J.Cole’s twitter, ain’t believe it tho.

  10. Guapalade-You got G? Says:

    Nah, loj and AC killed their verses. The first dude on that bonus track was corny…Quan who?

  11. blkpwr79 Says:

    look what i found…the making of that bonus song.


  12. panamablack Says:

    Loj that dude from queenz! check his mixtape its straight fiyah my man doin his thing!

  13. Sean Says:

    LOJ! He keeps comin outta nowhere and killing it! I got to keep up with this dude !

  14. James Says:


  15. James Says:


  16. M.K. Says:

    LoJ’s future is bright indeed.

    – M.K.

  17. hiphop4lyfe Says:

    LOJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn kid…i need to go to ur shows now!

  18. JAY.K Says:



  19. KEV Says:

    yo? you got a performance of bar wars???????i would love to check that out

  20. CaiRo Says:

    Man, Loj been doing his thing for a minute. NEG and Loj are gonna destroy ’09.

  21. B. Good Says:

    Been looking forward to hearing this for a minute. Loj does not disappoint! Waitin for the next song to drop……

  22. 237Express Says:

    Song is dope. Never heard of the guy but I’ll be checking up on him often now. Post more!!

  23. Nah Right » Blog Archive » LoJ - Fresh Prince Says:

    […] Previously: LoJ ft. Quan Doe – Kick Make Love (Living Single theme; ?uestlove cosign) | LoJ ft. AC & Quan Doe – Bar Wars (Star Wars) […]

  24. Smooth Says:

    This might be the reason i don’t spazzz on my boss..

    But on the real . That Star WarZ joint was kinda nasty.. Different flows to.. The beat is crazy but my dude say

    Ya’ll are outta shape , for me its crunch time, You can hear me breath, please my lungs fine, (then went into the darth vada sound effect).. its the dark side , but im the sunshine

  25. O'squeezy Says:

    LoJ is BEASTIN…! this is jus the beginning.

  26. O'squeezy Says:

    LoJ is BEASTIN…!! this is jus the beginning.

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