Cam’ron – Silky (No Homo) [Clean CDQ]

Image Credit: Mike Shane Photography

The unofficial First Lady of NMC (how about we make it official Info?) just posted the (clean) CDQ.

Cam’ron – Silky (No Homo) [Clean CDQ] | Mediafire

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13 Responses to “Cam’ron – Silky (No Homo) [Clean CDQ]”

  1. Seth Gueko Says:

    nas and jay are really the top of the game for real
    Oochie Wally is da Nas’ Big Pimpin’ ! just this to say, they are the same
    fuckin’ way and destiny. Jay had and has more commercial success than Nas but they are the same fuckin’ career ! watch u can’t deny that,
    first album classic yall already know the truth
    then a trilogy (real trilogy for jay, and trilogy because of the covers for nas) thus see what i mean with this shyt
    jay second album excellent , nas second album excellent
    jay third album commercial acclaim,nas 3rd album commercial success too
    jay fourth album critical failure, nas fourth album critical failure
    after that the fuckin’ redemption with the big comeback in the game
    jay’s blueprint and nas’ stillmatic, and the big beef ! to me after this, nas and jay grown man shit with black album and god’s son for real !
    their double album are good also, then best ennemies are friends,
    u can see a critical weak thang for HipHopIsDead and KingdomCome
    after that relevant dope work with American Gangster N Untitled !!!

  2. Voltron Says:


    I’m watching the Celtics and wifey just told me she’s going sleep.
    Little does she know she’s gonna wake up with dick in her. (c) Mouse

  3. Voltron Says:

    If sleep crawls out of his lair to say that my girl is going to him, he can stfu. I meant my bed.

  4. D_Block_4_life Says:


  5. KING Says:


  6. D_Block_4_life Says:

    That Em vid is dopeeeee

  7. Harlem World Says:

    Harlem World Forever


  8. Mike Shane's Boy Says:

    You should give photo credit to Mike Shane Photography for that Cam pic.

  9. Eastern_Digital Says:


  10. SoulClap Says:

    really dont like the track, maybe because the mix is terrible…

  11. cozy Says:


  12. .............. Says:

    KILLA IS IN THE BUILDING……………….. RAPTORS……. TORONTO!!!!!!!!Killa Knows Whats Good!!!!!!!! KILLA Season!!! KILLA KILLA KILLA KILLA

  13. QM Says:


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